Hsiao Kuo Hexagram in IChing
Hsiao Kuo : thunder, mountain.
Keywords : lessen, unimportant, getting clear of.
A pile of red tape is on the horizon.
Dont get overwhelmed.
Take care of one thing at a time.
Keep focused firmly on your goal.

Hsien Hexagram in IChing
Hsien : thunder, water.
Keywords : discharge, server, free from constraint.
Take action to dispel tensions.
Untie yourself from troubling situations.
This will bring support from the universe.

Hsien Hexagram in IChing
Hsien : lake, mountain.
Keywords : contact, mobilization, wholeness.
Your focus and energy is scattered.
Bring together that which belongs together.
Reach out and join others.
Someone or something has the vital piece of the puzzle.

Hsu Hexagram in IChing
Hsu : Water, heaven.
Keywords : patience, hesitate, stopped by rain.
Patience, now is the time to wait.
Carefully observe the situation.
Timing is upmost important.
Just be patient and wait.

Huan Hexagram in IChing
Huan : wind,water.
Keywords : wash away, disperse.
Clear up any misunderstandings.
Shine the light on all your efforts.
Take the lead and be flexible in your path.
Your actions will clear the energy block.

K`an Hexagram in IChing
K`an : water, water.
Keywords : coaching, skill.
You need to crash through a situation that is holding you back.
You will gain practise at dealing with obstacles.
You will gain strength from your actions in overcoming obstacles.

Ken Hexagram in IChing
Ken : mountain, mountain.
Keywords : boundary, standstill, completion.
you have reached the limit of a situation.
You must be still to perceive the true nature of your condition.
Look beyond your current desires to the big picture.
Refrain from compulsive action.

Ko Hexagram in IChing
Ko : lake, fire.
Keywords : change, elimination.
Express yourself in a new way.
Remove old patterns.
Step forward as the self you want to be.
Put aside old regrets.
Trust your instincts.

Kou Hexagram in IChing
Kou : heaven, wind.
Keywords : magnetism, primal forces.
Be open to the unknown.
A brief meeting may lead to great possibility`s.
Respond with truth to what you find.
This period of change will not last.
Use this time to replenish yourself.

Ku Hexagram in IChing
Ku : mountain, wind.
Keywords : evil, poisoning, seduction.
You must stop for repairs.
Clean up confusion and error.
Wait patiently for a new path to emerge.

Kuai Hexagram in IChing
Kuai, lake, heaven.
Keywords : resolution, settlement.
Misperceptions and errors are building around you.
State your purpose in clear and certain terms.
Confront difficulties in a calm approach.
Stand firm in the face of opposition.

Kuan Hexagram in IChing
Kuan : wind, earth.
Keywords : instruction, examination, observatory.
You have lost sight of the big picture.
Take a step back and observe.
Take time to contemplate.
Direct your attention to areas of need.

Kuei Mei Hexagram in IChing
Kuei Mei : thunder, lake.
Keywords : belonging, changing form.
You are being led by a great force into a new situation.
Accept what fate has delivered to you.
Let go of present attachments and prepare yourself for the change that fate has planned for you.

K`un Hexagram in IChing
K`un : Earth and receptivity.
Keywords : serving, receptive, power, nourish.
Your path is to support.
Be of service in all ways possible.
Bring things to balance.
Yield gracefully to the plans of others.

Lin Hexagram in IChing
Lin : earth, lake.
Keywords : inspect, approve, honor.
You are on the verge of attaining a higher level.
Be patient.
Keep expectations humble.

Lu Hexagram in IChing
Lu : heaven, lake.
Keywords : practising, walking, following tracks.
Tread very carefully.
Take one step at a time.
The path is difficult.
Pause after each step to check your position.
Make changes to your position when needed.

Meng Hexagram in IChing
Meng : Mountain, water, inexperience.
Keywords : young, closed, unaware.
Your inexperience clouds your judgement.
Stay to the sidelines and gather your information.
Learn from others.
Increase your knowledge and increase your chance for success.

Ming Yi Hexagram in IChing
Ming Yi : earth, fire.
Keywords : awareness, consciousness.
You are venturing in uncertain waters.
Draw no attention to yourself.
Assess the dangers that lie ahead and put them to rest.

Pi Hexagram in IChing
Pi : water, earth.
Keywords : unite, create, harmonize.
Look at the underlying reasons for a current situation.
You may have outgrown your current situation.

P`i Hexagram in IChing
P`i : heaven, earth.
Keywords : obstacle, keep quite, disapproval.
You are being blocked at every turn.
Do not attempt to impose your will.
You must try to look for a quite way out.
Wait with patience to find a new direction.

Po Hexagram in IChing
Po : mountain, earth.
Keywords : remove, uncover, cut away.
You are overloaded.
Get down to the essentials.

Sheng Hexagram in IChing
Sheng : earth, wind.
Keywords : promotion, effort, fulfilled potential.
It is time to grow upward and seek the Sun.
Set your sights on ascending.
Gather your resources around you.

Shin Hexagram in IChing
Shih : earth, water.
Keywords : organization, discipline.
You need to take the lead.
Concentrate on detail.
Pay attention.
Delegate to trustworthy people.
Offer support and encouragement.

Shin Ho Hexagram in IChing
Shin Ho : fire, thunder.
Keywords : bite, crush, arrive at truth.
Keep working to overcome obstacles.
If necessary, instigate legal action to protect yourself.

Sui Hexagram in IChing
Sui : lake, thunder.
Keywords : inevitable, on path, sequence.
The Universe is preparing a path for you.
Follow this path.
Flow in the direction your heading.

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