Truth Fairy, Pendulum and Message BoardsI got home this evening and found a box sitting on my front porch. I knew immediately what it was and couldn’t wait to show you all my new divining tool! This is The Truth Fairy, Enchanted Pendulum and Message Board Kit. I found it on Amazon, so for anyone who may be interested in starting their journey in Pendulum work and you would like a complete set of tools at your disposal, I can definitely recommend this set to you.

Box ContentsThis is the entire contents of the box. It comes with twelve message boards, one each for: Wellness, Timing, Creativity, Enlightenment, Love, Abundance, Communication, Joy, Location, Courage, Banishing and Success. Each board has a small note on the back, offering suggested questions to ask and how they should be worded to receive a clearer response. They also have a beautiful little quote on the back for each fairy that rules the particular board you are using. The good thing that I noticed about the boards is that they are glossy and feel slick to the touch. Each one is laminated, so they have a bit of waterproofing to them in case they happen to get any moisture on them, all I have to do is wipe them off with a papertowel and they won’t get ruined.

It also comes with a CD with some beautiful music to set the mood.  I did manage to find a video on Youtube that has one of the songs on the CD available.

A 48 page, fully illustrated guide book to help you get started. It has some wonderful little stories in it that talk about each Fairy, why they appear in the images the way that they do, and stories of the wisdom that they can provide. At the very back of the book, I found some wonderful little chants that you can say to thank the fairy spirits for their guidance as well as offerings that each fairy would like in return for having helped you along your path.

The pendulum included in the box Fairy Pendulumhas a very beautiful etched detail of a Fairy Woman holding a Medicine Staff. What I love so much is that it comes with a little leather strap that is actually a neckclace, so I can litterally have it with me at all times, picking up on my energy and connecting with me. As you can see, the pendulum actually opens up at the top… And there is enough space inside that I could put a fairly large tumbled crystal or other gem inside or a few small ones to denote different things. The box also suggests that you can roll up a long piece of paper and put a quote/chant/spell inside of it that you can carry with you at all times and draw power from.

I’m itching to try it out, but I’m going to be patient. The full moon is just around the corner and I would like to be able to set all of the tools out under the moonlight to cleanse them and charge them.

Here is one last picture. Message BoardsThis is all twelve of the message boards spread out. As you can see, they have beautiful images on them! I’m litterally bouncing from excitement. This was way more than what I was expecting from this set!

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