Merry Meet one and all!

My name is TehAloneSoul. (But feel free to call me Jon) I am a 24 soon to be 25 year old daddy of a 4 month old son. I’m married to the most wonderful lady in the world who supports my path and I support hers as well. I consider myself an Eclectic Pagan with influences in Wicca. I am still barely starting on my path…because i am lazy but I intend on doing more.

I come from a Baptist back ground and always thought there was something more to the world but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Sometimes while I was in High School I would find myself talking to the moon and not understanding what or who I was talking to. But if felt right.

One day I met a guy that told me about Paganism and told me a lot of things that I found interesting. So I decied to go to the Barnes and Nobles and picked up a wonderful book named “Wicca: For Beginners”  I thought this book was quite awesome and read it from front to back. And found ALOT of things that connected and was somewhat fascinating. I began to study more.

But that all fell apart for sometime, (that’s a story for a different time.) So here recently I have decied to work hard on my path and not try and deny who I really am. So this is me and who I am.

So what I am here to do is to share (what little) knowledege I have and what I learn with you all. So I hope you all enjoy my content. And feel free to let me know requests you may have or questions and I will do my VERY best to help.

In Truth and Love,




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