Magickal uses include chastity, fertility, fairy magick, fishing magick, and rebirth.

Also used for success in matters related to career, work, and employment.

Place around the bedroom or carry to enforce or maintain chastity or celibacy.

Sacred to the fairy.

Used to decorate maypoles.

Used in weddings and handfastings to increase fertility.

Wear while fishing to ensure a good catch.

Wear or carry to promote happiness and protect against lightning.

Keep in a house to repel ghosts and evil spirits.

An infusion of the herb used to wash floors will remove negative vibrations.

Also Called: Hawthorne, Haw, May Bush, May Tree, Mayblossom, Mayflower, Quickset, Thorn-apple Tree, Whitethorn, Bread and Cheese Tree, Quick, Gazels, Ladies’ Meat


Hawthorn is an extremely valuable medicinal herb. It is used mainly for treating disorders of the heart and circulation system, especially angina.

Western herbalists consider it a “food for the heart”, it increases the blood flow to the heart muscles and restores normal heart beat. This effect is brought about by the presence of bioflavonoids in the fruit, these bioflavonoids are also strongly antioxidant, helping to prevent or reduce degeneration of the blood vessels.

The fruit is antispasmodic, cardiac, diuretic, sedative, tonic and vasodilator.

Both the fruits and flowers of hawthorns are well-known in herbal folk medicine as a heart tonic and modern research has borne out this use.

The fruits and flowers have a hypotensive effect as well as acting as a direct and mild heart tonic.

They are especially indicated in the treatment of weak heart combined with high blood pressure, they are also used to treat a heart muscle weakened by age, for inflammation of the heart muscle, arteriosclerosis and for nervous heart problems. Prolonged use is necessary for the treatment to be efficacious.

It is normally used either as a tea or a tincture.

Hawthorn is combined with ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) to enhance poor memory, working by improving the blood supply to the brain.

The bark is astringent and has been used in the treatment of malaria and other fevers.

The roots are said to stimulate the arteries of the heart.

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