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  • Hi! I’m Avery and I am new to the spell working but I do know how to do protection and I know how to ground myself. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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    • hey @averyisalittlewitchy we have a grounding exercise on the website if you type in grounding you’ll find the article and there are LOADS of protection options as well that you can find on the search feature in the menu

  • Sorry I haven’t been here for a little while, have been a very busy solitary witch! Have the finishing touches underway for the Covid19 Spellbox. Love all the great brand new shiny things happening on LG it’s awesome! From curiosity I would like to put the question out here why a person would enjoy working as a solitary as opposed to a coven?

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    • I prefer being solitary because people can be judgey with their craft… oh why’d you do that, or not do that, etc. No one to explain my madness to. It works for me, leave me be. BUT! I’ve made a digital coven here on Luna’s Grimoire so that we can all work together to make the world a calmer place. So you have the best of both worlds 🙂

  • Merry meet, Im Kyle, and Im looking for some beginner spells. any ideas?

  • Merry meet, I’m Nadia or Aundraya both are my name. I here to learn and improve!

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  • Here is a healing potpourri I love to use from Scott Cunningham’s books which I use a lot of and I hope it’s ok for me to post it with the sources cited. I use worksheets a lot too. This is the same healing potpourri going into the Healing Spellbox that I’m formulating now based on Luna’s Becoming a Wiccan course.

    Healing Potpourri
    By…Read More

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    • Oh thank you for sharing this! I’m going to have a try once I can get my hands on the ingredients soon!

  • I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Summerlight, Hi everyone and it’s great to meet with you!

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  • My favourite is box magick or containment magick. I love to make spell boxes. Thinking of a corona spell box so that everyone recovers from the virus with amazing immunity globally. What do you think?

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    • I love spell boxes! you don’t really hear a lot of people talking about them now though… people tend to shy away from them. I think you should do the spell box. if we all focus our energy on it, it might be a great way to add more intent and boost it. do it! and share photos here with us, we’d love to see it all! x

  • What’s the spell of today everyone? I’m thinking of writing an anti-corona spell to dispel it from our world, not sure if it would work, any ideas?

  • What’s your favourite “lost item” spell? Mine is “What once was lost, returns to me” while thinking about (intent) and looking for (acting on that intent) the thing I’ve lost. Most of the time it pops up in an unexpected place or I stumble upon it after a few minutes. If it’s really lost, nothing a good sage smudging and black candle spell can’t…Read More

  • What’s your go-to spell category? Do you have any favourites or are you the type of witch who casts spells as and when needed?

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