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Be GratefulGreetings! My name is Sharon O’Brien, and I am happy to be able to be blogging here. I have been practicing for about 20 years. I am a certified Health Coach, a Reiki Master Teacher and have been doing Tarot readings for close to 30 years now. Currently I reside in New Jersey with my Husband, two dogs and six cats.

The last few weeks have been a bit hard on New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy followed by a rather unexpected snowstorm that dumped 13 inches in my area truly played havoc. This is after a freak storm, called a supercell, ripped through my town of Freehold in July, leaving many downed trees and crushed homes in its wake. I feel blessed to have come away somewhat damage free (sadly, many of my trees were lost or badly damaged, but that is for another post).

During these times, I see much devastation all around me. Some people still have not gotten power back. Again, I was lucky to have only been without it for five days. It is important to me in these times to focus on gratitude.

One of the most important ways to live your spirituality each day is to begin the day with gratitude. We all go through times when nothing seems to go right. We whine and complain to anyone who will listen. We rant about some real (or perceived) problem, situation, incident…you know the drill. But, how often do we take a step back and count all the things that are right in our lives?

If we start the day from a position of gratitude, it sets the tone for the day. It doesn’t have to be complex: “I’m thankful for the new day.” “I am thankful to have a job.” “I am thankful to have a bed to wake from.” “I’m thankful for not dreaming of zombies again last night.”

If you think hard enough, you will always find something to be thankful for, no matter how rough things seem. And you can build on that gratitude. Positive thinking is so important to our health and to our spirituality. Where gratitude begins, a positive outlook will follow.

I wish you much peace and happiness.

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    lunasgrimoire 7 years ago

    Lovely post! Glad to have you here! Gratitude is something that is often forgotten. But it’s up to its to teach our children to always express gratitude, and develop an attitude of gratitude!

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