You will need:

  • 2 pieces of paper
  • white candle
  • black candle
  • green candle
  • cauldron
  • frankincense

When you are ready burn a purifying incence place cauldren in middle of alter prepare a list of things you want to expell from your life on another sheet the thingd you want to bring into your life. Place a white candle in the center of your space, black on left, green on right. Light the white candle andsay

This is the guiding light of divine wisdom and spiritual power.

Light the black candle on the left and say

I release all that is written here.

Light the list to expell from the flame of the white candle and place in cauldron. Light the green candle and say

I welcome all that is written here.

Light the list to attract from the white candle and place in cauldren.

Leave the candles to burn out.

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