Divination, fertility, and love.

Place a branch in front of the door before traveling to ensure a safe return.

Write a question on a fig leaf — if the leaf dries slowly, the answer is yes, otherwise the answer is no.

Also Called: Common Fig

A decoction of the leaves is stomachic.

The leaves are also added to boiling water and used as a steam bath for painful or swollen piles.

The latex from the stems is used to treat corns, warts and piles.

It also has an analgesic effect against insect stings and bites.

The fruit is mildly laxative, demulcent, digestive and pectoral.

The unripe green fruits are cooked with other foods as a galactogogue and tonic.

The roasted fruit is emollient and used as a poultice in the treatment of gumboils, dental abscesses etc.

Syrup of figs, made from the fruit, is a well-known and effective gentle laxative that is also suitable for the young and very old.

A decoction of the young branches is an excellent pectoral.

The plant has anticancer properties.

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