To cleanse and recharge your divination tools, try the following simple spell. In your mortar, grind together orange zest, orris root, salt, hibiscus petals, and dandelion leaves. As you grind, concentrate on blessing the tool. Once the herbs are ground to a powder, sprinkle them over the tool and wrap it in a cloth of white linen. Place the bundle under a large, clear quartz crystal. Say:

Blessed be this tool, for it shows me a new view.

Blessed be this tool, for the Lord and Lady communicate with me through it.

Blessed be this tool, for it works with me in harmony.

Allow the tool to sit for a while and absorb the blessings. Unwrap and kiss the tool before using it again. This spell can be performed at any time to keep your tool fresh and clean while allowing it to maintain its bond with you.

By: Tammy Sullivan

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