I have a tendency that I speak often of my animals. Well, today is another day. And witProud Paganh my family spending time with me… I sat down and wondered. How do you all deal with family? I am not a “closet” Witch by any means. I stepped out of the figurative “broom closet” early on in my study of Paganism and Wicca. I wear a pentacle necklace almost each and every day. And my bookshelves are lined with my study material of all things Pagan. Most of my family is on my Facebook page and not a day goes by that I don’t comment on a group fondly named for my religion. My religious background is set to Wiccan… And I’ve had many of conversations/arguments when I see a derogatory comment stating that if “I don’t believe in God, then I should get out.”

As I sit here now with my family here, I wonder how uncomfortable they must feel with me being so open. Most of my family is Church of Christ background, which I’m sure many of you might understand. They are the “burn in hellfire” types, most of the time. And are not so understanding with my personal path of enlightenment. My B.O.S sits out proudly and little chimes of “Goddess Bless!” tend to get little cringes or looks of curiousity.

But alas, I simply ignore. They are in my home after all. If I were in theres, I’d quietly bow my head as they said prayer for dinner. Perhaps the prayer in my head will be a little different, thanking the God/dess’ for their bounties… But I’d respect them for the way they worship. So I hope that they can respect my own.

I just deal with it all with a smile and move on with my life. I’m sure they talk about me behind my back or say things to other family members. But that’s okay too. I can turn my head to it all, because they are my family and all families have their troubles. I’ll raise my hackles when they need to be raised and slink into the shadows at everything else.


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    Pat Elalem 7 years ago

    At least they come to your house. Most holy-rollers wouldn’t do that, so they must accept you as you are, even if it’s just a little! Be thankful they haven’t totally rejected you

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      I am extremely thankful for that, Pat! I know some of my family is scared to visit me… But I try to make it a pleasant experience when they come!

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