Love, health, immortality, and protection.

G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Magical attributes: Protection of home and serenity, peace , good in ritual drinks, incenses for longevity and love spells.

Uses: If added to wine, it makes a good love potion for 2 consenting parties. To use in this fashion, grind 7 grains of coriander and mix into a wine and drink. Also used in love sachets and charms.

Tie fresh coriander with a ribbon and hang in the home to bring peace & protection.

Add to love charms and spells to bring romance or use in ritual work to ease the pain of a broken love affair.

Promotes peace among those who are unable to get along.

Throw the seeds in lieu of rice during Handfastings and other rituals of union.

Use the seeds in love sachets and spells.

Add powdered seeds to wine for an effective lust potion.

Wear or carry the seeds to ward off disease and migraines.

Also Called: Cilantro, Chinese Parsley, Yee Sai

Coriander is a commonly used domestic remedy, valued especially for its effect on the digestive system, treating flatulence, diarrhoea and colic.

It settles spasms in the gut and counters the effects of nervous tension.

The seed is aromatic, carminative, expectorant, narcotic, stimulant and stomachic.

It is most often used with active purgatives in order to disguise their flavour and combat their tendency to cause gripe.

The raw seed is chewed to stimulate the flow of gastric juices and to cure foul breath and will sweeten the breath after garlic has been eaten.

Some caution is advised, however, because if used too freely the seeds become narcotic.

Externally the seeds have been used as a lotion or have been bruised and used as a poultice to treat rheumatic pains.

The essential oil is used in aromatherapy.

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