Contacting Angels is more simple than most think. Some people build an alter, some simple, some elaborate, but the idea is to find a comfortable, quiet place.

If you wish to create an alter, find a spotthat you will not be disturbed. A spot that you’re comfortable in, so that you can relax and meditate. You can use a small table, some candles and a photograph or statue of an angel. You can add in more things that remind you or connect you to your angel(s).

Once you’ve created this alter, treat it as a sacred space. Don’t clutter it with unrelated objects. Keep it clear.

To contact your angel, you first need to relax. Meditate a bit and clear your mind. Declutter your head and focus on your angel. Now, simply call them. “Angel, I need your help.” And there, you’ve contacted your angel. They always come. When askingyour


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