The world is in bloom, and the energies of the earth goddesses are alive at this very magical time of year. Step into a secluded natural place and breathe seven times into your heart chakra. Open yourself fully to the beauty and the power of nature in its many guises and manifestations. Speak or sing aloud this invocation of the divine feminine in her magical flowering in spring:

Flower-garland of the earth
Flower-garland of the sea
You are the bounty of the earth
You are the treasure of the ocean

Flower-garland of the stars
Flower-garland of the skies
You are the eye of morning
You are the Sun of creation

I call to you,
In your flowering
Queen-Maiden of compassion
For you are

The vessel of fullness
And you are
The cup of wisdom.
As I revel in your beauty

May I drink
From your cauldron
For you are the fulfillment
Of all the world’s desire.

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