A little trick I have learned in the past when publishing content from another page is to use different browsers. If Google thinks that you've copied too much information from another website(s), they will blacklist you, so the trick is to use another browser that you're not signed in to. I use Chrome, but to publish things like the Daily Astrological Forecasts, which is a compilation of information from about 5 sites, I open the websites in Chrome, and publish to Wordpress in Firefox. It's just a little tip for all those who are copying information from my website to their blog :)
Good morning all! After a busy weekend, I'm sitting in the captain's chair (it's really a large leather computer chair that all five of us, yes even the cats, fight for) ready for another week. November was a rough month for me. Not only with the retrograde, and me being a Gemini, but the daily flares, eclipses, and a whole lot of cabin fever was at me. Today marks the day that I begin a new job hunt, just something to get me through these days until I finish my next certification in 2013. I need to fill my time and get a routine on track. I feel the need to now that I'm all better.. well not entirely, but I'm good enough to feel like I'm wasting time at home and not fulfilling a purpose. I feel a vet job coming soon ~ light a candle for me <3

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