The burning coffin spell is essentially good when you are coming to the end of a major event in your life and need to let go of the emotional baggage that the cycle or trauma has left you with. While this spell can provide you with closure, it will not work if you aren’t absolutely certain that you are ready to let go of the negative “stuff” you are carrying.

You will need:

  • 1 large sheet of white paper
  • a ruler
  • a black marker
  • a red pen
  • a heat-proof container, stainless steel or ceramic
  • Excalibur Oils (see Kitchen Witchery – Oil Recipes)
  • Scratch paper
  • matches

Using the ruler, draw the shape of a coffin onto the large sheet of white paper. Set it aside. Now on the scratch paper, list those things in your life that you want to get rid of-those traits or qualities you don’t like in yourself; those energies that aren’t any good for you anymore; relationships you’re ready to let go of. Think carefully as you decide what energies to dismiss, you don’t want to let go of something before it’s time.

Once you have completed your list, use the red pen to write each thing to be released in the middle of the outline of the coffin. When you’ve finished, take the black marker and color in the coffin, so you can’t see your words. Visualize closing the lid on the see things in your life. Now, anoint the coffin with the oil and let dry.

Destroy your scratch paper list- you can tear it up and throw it away. When the coffin is dry, place it in the heat-proof bowl (which should be large enough to contain the flames of the burning paper say:

You have been a part of my life.
I now release you back into the Universe
To be changed and transformed,
Forever separated from me, I bid you go,
Leave my life and don’t Come back.
You are dead to me.
So Mote It Be!

Now light the paper on fire and watch the coffin containing all of the unwanted energies burn away into ashes. Either flush the ashes away using running water or take them, once they are cold, away from your home and bury them deep in the ground. You can also sprinkle them in the ocean when the tide is going out. If you are on a septic system, do not flush these ashes into it. It will be difficult to remove the negativity if it is still lingering in your water system.

Taken from Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn

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