Here is the part of the spell to banish negative habits e.g. smoking,

During a waning moon, add 3 drops of green food coloring to a bottle of ginger ale.

Recap it securely, put the bottle beneath the lunar beams and say:

“Smoking is not a part of me,
when the moon is dark, I will be freed.”

Substitute the word “smoking” with any negative habit you wish to banish.

From that night until the new moon, drink a little of the ginger ale every day, focusing on your intention to change.

Remember that breaking bad habits is not just a magickal endeavor, but also a function of your own will and honest desire.

Heavy smokers need this one…

For a portable amulet that provides extra strength in overcoming a negative habit, begin by finding a breakable representation of it.

Completely crush the token beneath your feet.

As you do, shout:

“Smoking has no dominion over me.”

Feel yourself stomping that pattern out of your life. Continue until you feel drained, calm and centered.

Gather the remnants and mix them with pine needles and lemon rind. Cautiously place this blend in a portable container. Choose a sturdy container (not cloth) so you do not accidentally cut yourself.

Each time you feel tempted to slip back into old tendencies (like smoking), carefully sprinkle a pinch of the mixture on the ground behind you and walk firmly away, repeating your power phrase to reactivate the Magick.

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