Aries: blessed thistle, broom, cowslip, ferns, garlic, gentrain, hemp, majoram, mustard seed, nettle, yellow dock

Taurus: coltsfoot, dandelion, flax, lovage, plantain, sage, thyme

Gemini: Caraway seed, dog grass, ferns, flax seed, lavender, mandrake, skullcap, vervain, yarrow

Cancer: agrimony, betony, hyssop, lemon verbena, marigold

Leo: angelica, anise, bay leaves, dill, fennel seed, laurel, lavender, marigold, mint, mistletoe, poppy seed, St John’s wort

Virgo: fennel seed, licorice, maiden hair, skullcap, valarian

Libra: archangel, burdock, hearts ease, penny royal, primrose, thyme, violet, uva ursi, verbena

Scorpio: basil, blessed thistle, horehound, sarsaparilla, wormwood

Sagittarius: agrimony, betony, burdock, dandelion, may apple, red colour

Capricorn: comfrey henbane, knotweed, nightshade, slippery elm, thyme

Aquarius: frankincense, myrrh, snake root, southern wood, spikenard, valarian

Pisces: irish moss, kings fern, sea lettuce, sea spirit


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