To be done on a Wednesday night during the waxing moon while inside the vehicle you wish to protect, while parked in a quiet area.

You will need:

  • Strength tarot card
  • small piece of copper wire
  • clover
  • star anise
  • cat nip
  • white cloth
  • white candle
  • black ribbon
  • protection oil

Rub oil into candle and with the front door open, place candle on the ground and light it. Working inside the car, imagine a triple white light of protection enveloping the vehicle. Sprinkle the herbs around the car, concentrating on the driver’s side. Take the copper wire and form the shape of a star, then place star on the centre of the vehicle’s hood. Visualise a safety net coming from the star and encasing your vehicle as you sit in it. As you do so, chant the following:

Taliesin, Merlyn and Cerridwen
Protect me now, your safe guard send
Help me see clearly on every street
No accidents, no harm, I will meet
Copper star, by my fingers made
Protect me now on this very day
Keep me in your white glow
Behind the wheel, I’m in control
East then South, then West and North
All directions guarded from this day forth
As I will it, so mote it be

Place all the herbs, copper star, tarot card and drips from the candle into a white cloth and gather it into a bag. Tie it with the black ribbon and hang inside the car or place under the driver’s seat.

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