Cold coffee with no sugar.. A kitten attempting to steal a sip or two.. Third Eye Blind playing from the doctored speakers which now need replacing… A notepad with purple ink scribbles… A website blog plan for the next two weeks for my three websites… And a scent of life change in the air. Its the end of another year.

I am at a turning point in my life and I honestly have no idea which way I am to go. But I have to go. Whatever I am doing now is not working, because I’m losing my mind. I need to design. I need to write. I need to plan. So, here is an idea. Why choose? Why not do everything you’re really good at? Des, you’re an interior designer, project manager, event manager, wedding planner, energy healer, angel diviner, herbologist, animal enthusiast, website designer/admin and blogger; why not just do it ALL?! There are 24 hours in a day, 8 of those are only utilised for sleeping, which also has planning involved ( I plan with lucid dreaming so I don’t waste time). Doing it all can seem impossible, but I think I might just be able to do it, with the right networking and marketing structure.

[ This kitten seems to enjoy the bitter taste of coffee more than my significant other does. Life is ironic. ]

The right structure is something hard to find, especially when I feel a little trapped in a padded-wall room. I am an entrepreneur. I have this uncanny ability to see the potential to make money with everything. Thank you Donald Trump for that lovely book on how to kick ass in business and life. That book is a mind changer. He’s not my favourite person in the world, but his writers/editors are the best thing after sliced bread.

So let’s take this piece by piece. Every part of what I want needs a separate plan and a solid one too. No backing down. I will try this for the next year self-employed while I study and get super-certified.

Look out world. I’m about to make the impossible happen. 2013 is my year. No holding back. No backing down. No hesitation. Only success.

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