and arthritis to those of depression, loneliness and lack of self -esteem.

The work of the healer is to channel healing energies to the patient. Depending on the condition involved, this may take several sessions and each time progress and changes are carefully monitored. When working with animals, to whom no “placebo” effect takes place, the healing, compassion and love from the healer is absorbed freely by them and the results can be amazing. Obviously when an animal is ill, its owner too feels anxious and uneasy, in these circumstances their well being is also considered. By bringing together the laws of nature and the divine, the healer is able to channel restorative energies to the patient.

Pet Energy: Hands On Healing For Animals

One of the perks of having a pet is being able to “pet” your animal family member. Touch is beneficial to both you and your pet. A cat will reward us with an appreciative purr when we stroke its sleek fur and a puppy will delight us with wiggles of joy from just a rub to its chubby tummy. Even our reptile friends, such as turtles and lizards, enjoy having the tops of their heads scratched. And, when pets are ill, touch can as important to their healing as medical attention from a veterinarian.

Hands on healing goes beyond just attending to the physical needs of your pet. It reaches them on an emotional and mental level, as well. Like humans, animals need to be balanced in all three areas to be truly healthy. The laying of hands, energy healing, quantum touch, and reiki are all schools of hands on healing. It’s all about connecting to the universal life energy that draws on our own natural ability to heal ourselves and others. Animals, like humans, sometimes need our assistance to help them feel better, especially when the illness is severe. And, the wonderful thing about hands on healing is that anyone can do it. While there are several courses you can take to enhance your healing power, everyone already possesses the ability to heal with their hands. Just like building up your muscles, your hands become stronger in their healing ability the more you use them. All you need is the intent to help, focus, and most importantly, unconditional love.

You can even help pets you can’t touch, such as fish or a pet in pain, by holding your hands over the animal, or you can engage in “distant healing” by sending healing thoughts. Distant healing may even be used to send positive energy to animals in the wild or groups of domesticated animals, such as cows, chickens, or pigs. Hands on healing can also be used preventatively to balance your pet’s energy field even before an illness or disease presents symptoms. It will also keep them strong and healthy and help prevent accidents.

So, the next time you’re “petting” your “pet,” send them some healing thoughts and notice the look of appreciation in their eyes. They may even send some healing energy your way.

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