In the past, I never took things as seriously as I should have. I have taken things for granted, pretended to be someone I wasn’t and felt like a fool at many points. But I am human, and that is only natural.

I read an article today about what blogging really is. Honestly, I was never one that expressed my feelings, so writing in a diary or even journalling was not the norm. My English school teachers knew when something was wrong when they had to mark my test papers; they always knew by the maturity and emotion in my writing. Once, we had to write about what we thought was a terrifying experience; the majority of the students wrote about trivial matters, my story was about rape. Well, I don’t need to tell you that that essay warranted a phone call to not only my parents, but to the country’s top psychologist. So what I’m trying to say is that, when required, I can actually pen my thoughts.

Today, I read an article about blogging. I don’t have a blog, I have a website, however, the concept pretty much stays the same when it comes to actually writing. I would like to firstly state that I am sorry, I am an inconsistent blogger, and that is because I don’t plan. I don’t really plan what I am going to blog about or when or even decide the weekly ‘blog menu’. I know better now.

So today, I sat down and planned out when I’m going to be writing and to which website. For those of you who don’t know, I do have another website (www. Managing one website is rough, but two, and touching so many vast topics…. it is rough. Luna’s Grimoire however, will remain a library website. I’m not going to just write one article on a topic and just leave it as done. You see, we have here several different articles from different perspectives and I would like it to remain like that, especially when it comes to spells and recipes. Imagine just having one spell for each category on this website! That’s an insane thought. I have different spells and recipes because different people need different things and have different requirements and allergies too!

So, I do promise to be more consistent. Someone told me to think of it like a huge corporation that I’m working for and it will put it higher up on the priority list. I will admit, my portfolio website was terribly neglected over the last few months because of the changes here on Luna’s Grimoire.

I do have a couple new things for the new year planned and ready to go, and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up when life decides to throw stones at me. Don’t worry, I’m a strong girl 🙂

But for now, thank you for reading and do take care..

Blessed be and love and light to all.

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