Moments ago, I updated my status on facebook after listening to a bhajan I haven’t heard or sung since I was a little girl. For the past week, I’ve been hearing this in my head, constantly playing like a broken record. The link for the song on YouTube is posted at the end.

“After ten years of leaving Hinduism, I find myself slowly spiritually immersing myself into it again. I’m hearing very particular bhajans in my head, having thoughts of Hindu rituals and finding comfort in a religion I once poured my heart and soul into. The person I am today is because of those very old Hindu teachings and the beliefs I follow now are very much Hindu in nature, but translated into English. My deep respect for nature also stems from this, and I have both of my grandparents to thank for this. They ensured that I was as grounded as possible before I rebelled to find something I felt was more for me… and in the end, I pretty much ended up right where I started, with the same teachings of old from the grandparents I took for granted as a teen. I’m sure they would be happy to see that it all sank in eventually. So, today I stand here, in this lovely eclectic mix of Wicca and Hinduism and I have come to realise that they are not very different.

So, I guess that I have made it back to my roots, after all. My grandparents would certainly be proud <3″

YouTube Video:

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