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Wanna kill someone? There’s a spell for that… well, no. We don’t do that sort of thing around here. The simple rule is “Harm none“. And yes, that includes making Becky’s hair fall out; rule of three… if it backfires, you’ll get it times three… Actions have consequences.

I’ve posted my personal grimoire here for everyone’s use. It’s a reflection of my journey, and my eclectic beliefs as a solitary witch. I believe it can help you, as it has helped so many in the past seven years.

Please use the information sensibly, practice wisely, never neglect medical attention, and should you enjoy it, share it. Every share helps 🙂


Ever mind the rule of three, Three times what thou givest returns to thee, 
This lesson well, thou must learn, Thee only gets what thou dost earn.

Luna’s Book of Spells

Luna’s Book of Chants & Incantations

Luna’s Book of Correspondences

Luna’s Book of Crystals

Luna’s Book of Herbs

Luna’s Book of Esbats & Moon Rituals

Luna’s Book of Chakras

Luna’s Book of Angels


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