There are many forms of work that may require you to work with your chakras, especially if you are in counselling, massage, healing, or working as a medium.

Different chakras work in different ways so it’s good to know what they are for, so that you can work better with them.

The lower three chakras, the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, are considered to be the primal chakras and allow us the most primitive range of psychic abilities. Communication with the dead, mediumship, and psychic dreaming are some of the uses of these chakras. These chakras are also less controlled and more spontaneous than the other four, since they are more in tune with our primal needs.

The heart chakra is where we feel. If you’re working in medicine, with massage, counselling or other healing modalities, your heart chakra will be working more overtime than any of the others. By channeling energy through this chakra while working, those receiving healing will also receive the love and healing energy from your heart chakra.

From your throat chakra, you’re able to hear your angels or guides. You might get verbal warnings or advice. This is called clairaudience. When you are able to see on non-physical planes and past lives, this is called clairvoyance, and from an open third eye chakra. The ability to travel across and experience different planes is called astral projection and is performed through your open crown chakra.

You can see that the seven major chakras also provide us with not just a holistic life balance, but also with some pretty awesome skills if we know how to tap into them.

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