The ability to literally feel for someone else is a finely tuned empathic sense. It gives you the psychic ability to read a persons aura, and interpret the information back to them. It can bring you amazingly close to others; you can sense their true emotional needs with unerring accuracy, people may be drawn to you like magnets. But avoid absorbing other people’s problems, as it is easy to get burned out. Often Psychometrists and clairsentients.


Accessing information and or energy from a higher level of conciousness is often called channelling. There is no sense of contact with an individual entity, rather a connection to higher spiritual forces. Whatever your age, you are viewed by others as “an old soul” and will be sought out for the spiritual insight that you have built up over many lifetimes. Often Clauraudients.


If you’ve been aware of an unseen presence, or have seen a ghost you could be mediumistic. You may also have felt the presence of angelic or earthly spirits, which act as guardians to you. You can look into other dimensions such as astral worlds or the spirit world. This vision is a rare gift. Often Clairvoyants.


As you are vividly aware of nature and the spirit of animals, plants, trees, your style of psychism is shamanistic. You derive a highly tuned sense of danger from your instinctive link with wild animals; this is a great asset – your intuition literally saves lives. You can sense impending danger in all situations, whether it is on the sidewalk, in traffic situations, or in the workplace. You may also have a natural healing ability – an innate sense of what will harm or help someone who is ill.

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