You will need:

  • The MAGICIAN is superimposed over the Significator Card, the card you feel represents you– to signify the subject’s commitment to shape and improve his/her own personal health. These cards are crowned by The World, standing for health, harmony, and wholeness. It is sided by Strength to show the physical side of the well-being, and The Sun, which depicts the emotional well-being that affects and is affected by full health.
  • A full length mirror and have it set up in a well-lit room (sunlit if possible and outside is even better). Have a place where the cards can be laid out nearby.
  • flowers
  • candles – orange, purple, and red can be used for health and white represents pure energy and harmony.

This spell can be performed at any time if there is a need — do it during a Waning Moon to banish unwanted weight.

It is best performed in the early morning, especially before an exercise session. It will help you start your morning in a good frame of mind and will put your mind in focus for living healthy all day.

Here is a ritual that can be done before the spell to help focus and build energy:

Ritual–Arrange some time that you will be alone, about an hour. If you have music available put on something that will be calm and serene and meditative. Take a relaxing bath, imagining strongly that you are cleansing not only your body, but your soul and spirit as well.

You will need a clean flat surface to use as an altar and to lay out your cards on, what ever you choose to use. Set out an incense burner, I like sandal wood or patchouli incense for this spell. Set up your candles and other accessories, have your cards ready but not laid out yet.

Have a dark blue candle on the left of your altar area for the Goddess and a gold or orange candle for the God. Light the candles and take a few deep breaths. Feel yourself connecting to these energies. Hold this meditative state as long as is necessary for you to connect and say in these or similar words:

(You may have four candles to represent the elements by color. Green for earth, Red for fire, Yellow for air, and Blue for water and light each candle as you say)

I call now upon the Earth,
Far plains and lofty mountains
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle is summoning

I call now upon Air
ruler of the skies
And the far wheel of Eternity
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle is summoning

I call now upon Fire
That burns in the core of the Earth
At one with the energies of Life itself
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle in summoning

I call now upon Water
Broad lakes,ever-moving streams
And the boundless ocean
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle in summoning

Pause for the length of five heartbeats, then pick up the Tarot deck and remove the significant cards for the spell and say:

Reaching into the far distant past
I draw forth these symbols
For that which my spell shall be cast
Here shall be woven Chance, Fortune and Fate
that my deepest wish shall be attained.

Set your significator card in place while thinking about your desire to remake yourself healthier and more perfect form.

Set The Magician over your Significator card while considering some of the steps you will take to bring about these changes, exercise, nutrition etc.

Put The World in its place and consider all the area of your life that will be affected by a holistic well-being with mind and body in harmony.

To the left of the World set Strength, while thinking about strength vigor, and stamina that you will attain and maintain. Visualize yourself utilizing the strength you have to the best possible intent. Feel the strength of the God/Goddess within you and know that you can rely on that power!

To the right of The World set the Sun in place, while picturing yourself walking in the sunlight, enjoying the glow of total health.

Once your cards are all in place, stand in front of the mirror, or sit if it is not full length. Study your body while you spread your arms upward and outward. Visualize yourself as a tree, with limbs reaching up toward the sky and the universe, leaves drawing sustenance from the Sun, roots draw the power of the Sun and the Earth and all living things through your body. You feel this energy being processed to build strength, vitality and wholeness. You feel the power flowing in through your body and out again, making the body stronger and better and very well toned.

As you continue to imagine how this power would flow, look again at yourself in the mirror and see yourself not as you are, but as glowing skin, the radiance of health and beauty.

After you have sustained the visualization exercise in front of the mirror for a few minutes, carefully and with as much feeling as you can recite the following–

I call upon the strength of the Earth, the vitality of the Sun, and the life force within me!!
Power flows through my body.
It purges and purifies all that is harmful
It fills every cell of my body with radiant health.
Strength and beauty shine through me
I honor my body
I shape my body
I nourish my body with good food and good thoughts
My mind and body are in harmony and I am whole and healthy!
So it is and so mote it be!

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