Visualisation is the process by which you choose, craft and project your single thought. Visualisation also requires practice, so that the mental picture you are making is clear, detailed and sharp in your mind as a photograph or the real thing would be.

To begin practising, start by visualising simple objects like an apple or pencil. Look at the object, studying it closely, then close your eyes and recreate it in your mind. Open your eyes again and compare the real thing to your visualisation, alternate between the two, ever seeking to make the visualisation more solid and detailed. Practice this every day for about 15 minutes.

When you become more proficient at simple objects, move on to more complicated ones. It is wise not to visualise people, as this can set up a psychic link between you and the person. (An accurate, detailed visualisation of a person is the key to performing a healing spell)

It is a good idea to practice visualising yourself; this can be done with the aid of a mirror using the same technique as above. This will also help you to master astral projection later on.

Creative Visualization, also sometimes called Guided Imagery is useful for many aspects of inner work, self healing, and magickal workings.

  • Uncovering personal obstacles and blocks.
  • Finding “spirit guides” or “power animals”.
  • Healing, yourself and others.
  • Clarifying your aims and goals.
  • Tapping into deep levels of creativity.
  • Along with meditation, may allow you to access the “collective unconscious”.
  • Relieving stress and tension
  • Past life exploration
  • Precursor to astral travel.
  • Promoting your connection to the divine.
  • Increasing effectiveness of magickal workings.

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