Adam and Eve Candles
These are human figure candles that come in a variety of colors. They can be used for anything from love (Pink) to gaining a new job (Green). Just use your imagination.

Altar Candles
The Altar Candles are used to represent the Deities or Powers with which you wish to communicate. This is a method of honouring them and their presence while tapping into their energy.

Two Altar Candles are placed on the altar, one to the left side and one to the right. The candles must always be taller and longer burning than any others on the altar. They must be lit first and extinguished last. Which of the Altar Candles is lit first depends on the type of Magick you are performing.

Colour not withstanding, the right candle represents male energy while the left represents female energy. Colors will vary from system to system and from Deity to Deity.

Astral Candles
These are “Personal Candles” of colors and shapes you feel right for you or another person. They are not to be confused with Zodiac Candles (listed later) that are affixed to you by birth sign.

Astrological Candles: See Zodiac Candles.

Cat Candle
the Cat Candles are used for luck, jinx-breaking, and hexing, depending on the oils and energies placed into the candle. They are usually are found in three basic colours:

  • Black: used to banish bad luck and bring good luck. Gamblers should alter burning times between seven and eleven minutes per night.
  • Red: generally used for gaining the love of another by feminine (feline) guile.
  • Green: can be used to obtain money of a transient nature or to heal a sick pet.
Chime Candles:
Chime candles are thin, around .5″ thick, and are around 4″ long. These are the standard for spellcasting; they burn quickly (no meditating for six hours on one spell!), come in a large variety of colours, are “soft” (usually made of paraffin) and are easily carved, and don’t take up much storage space. Usually they are unscented. Most often, they are used to represent goals or specific people. Identifiers like names or astrological signs may be carved into them using a nail or thumbtack, and they may be rolled in complimentary oils and herbs for added power.

Compass Candle
A Compass or Directional Candle is employed to help you determine a specific direction to take in life. It is usually a taper that drips freely when lit.

After assigning each of the four quarters a direction that you believe you would like your life to proceed in, observe the candle closely. The wax will drip in the direction that is best for you to take, not necessarily the one you might want, but you will be told what is best based on your present abilities.

Cross or Crucifix Candle
Sometimes referred to as the “Flora” or “Floral Cross” Candle, this comes in a variety of colors. It is generally burnt for protection and banishing. It can be used to represent angels which are called in to protect the home. One angel for each day of the week in the appropriate color.

Dehexing Candle
The best colors of Dehexing Candles are Gray, Silver, Black and bi-coloured Reversible Candles.

  • Black: Absorbs anything coming to you.
  • Gray: neutralizes anything coming to you.
  • Silver: reflects the incoming energy back to the sender. The curse, jinx or crossing that was meant for you now rests on the sender. With the gray color, your energy must remain neutral.
  • Reversible Colour: is usually found in a combination of Red and Black, with the Black absorbing the incoming energy and the Red concentrating it, adding any tid-bits of your making, and returning it to the sender with interest.

Devil Candle
This ominous candle is used to banish a jinxed or crossed condition in the home or place of employment, or about one’s person. It is commonly used to exorcise someone of undesirable habits, energies, and entities. Mainly used in conjunction with the Psalms. It can be used to create a jinx, hex, or crossed condition.

Devotional Candle
Devotional Candles, a from of Novena Candle, are usually those found in picturesque, heat resistant glass containers. The pictures on the glass are usually of various Saints or Loas while a prayer is normally inscribed on the reverse.

Double/Triple Action Candle
Double Action Candles have two colors. They are usually referred to as dual action or dual purpose candles. Exemplified by the Red and Black Reversible candle mentioned above.

Triple Action Candles have one more color than the double action ones, hence one more action in combination. As an example, a typical triple action combination would be Red (passion), White (protection) t and Green (money).

Floating Wick Candle
This candle merely exchanges the wax body for one of fragrant oils. A floating wick is suspended in the oil that lies within a decorative holder. These not only are beautiful at social gatherings, but you can remove remove stale cooking or smoke odours as well. You can energize the oil body as you would a wax body, but you must do so through the glass as the oil has no solid structure.

Glass Oil Candle
Though similar to the Floating Wick Candle by virtue of using oil instead of wax in a (glass) container, the Glass Oil Candle’s wick does not float. It is suspended into the oil body from a separate metal or glass fixture. The Glass Oil Candle comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and is extremely useful in Magick as a Perpetual Flame or Altar Candle. The fragrant oils can be exchanged to match the Magick you are performing. The thick glass is usually safe and heat resistant.

The container usually has a small opening where new oil can be added without extinguishing the flame. As many of the containers are transparent, it is easy to see when the oil needs replacing.

As an Altar Candle for a magickal act, use the glass tapers. A neutral yet high vibrational oil in a thick crystal taper burns long after your Magick is complete.

When using the Glass Oil Candle in a magickal act, always imbue the container first with your will. Do not anoint the container however. Instead, with your will, imbue the oil meant to go into the container. In this way, the container has stored energy and power along with the oil.

Hand of Glory Candle
The Hand of Glory Candle and spell dates well into the early Middle Ages. According to Anna Riva in Candle Burning Magick, the spell was attributed to Albertus Magnus. Whether Magnus was the originator of this work or was simply passing on even older folk lore is not known.

The real danger of not understanding the “whys” or “hows” of Magick is well depicted with this legend. It also illustrates the real need for you to master the basics and then build upon them for your own understanding of Magick.

There are several legends on how to obtain and use the Hand of Glory. Generally, the hand of a hanged thief or some successful criminal (at least until he was hanged) was taken, then processed and dipped into hot wax. The hand was then set afire so that the light from it would render its carrier invisible, along with paralyzing anyone seeing it.

Before you start digging around in your local graveyard, let’s examine the thoughts behind this magickal legend.

First, the taking of the hand of an executed man, once a thief, now a spirit and invisible to mortal eyes, was believed to bestow his invisibility trait to the possessor.

Second, the legend is so incomplete that the exact “facts” cannot be ascertained. You can do much better with Creative Visualization or Candle Magick and leave the hands with the owners.

With Creative Visualization, you can cloak yourself in a cloud of mist using the energy from the solar plexus. This raises the bodily vibrations tot he point of invisibility. I use this method on our car when a traffic cop is getting ready to pounce. Remember though to lift the veil before driving off or you may find yourself in frequent auto accidents!

With Candle Magick, you can control the mind of those you wish to be invisible to by using image candles. By willing others not to see you, you can come and go as you please.

Combining the two methods for a more theatrical approach, obtain some graveyard dust. Create a white, wax image candle of yourself, including the dust within the wax. Conjure your Magick around your will and your desire to become invisible to others. As you burn the candle, envision yourself surrounded by a white cottony substance. This takes a lot of concentration, since anytime you lose your concentration, you drop the veil and again will be visible.

The Guardian Flame Candle
There are many magicians who will only light a ritual candle with the “Sacred Flame” that has been dedicated to a Deity. This flame stands as a guardian in the home or temple. The glass Oil Candle is excellent for his purpose.

Household Candle
An all-purpose candle used for Magick.

Invocation Candle
An Altar Candle used to invoke a specific Deity. The Seven-Day Novena Candle is frequently used as an Invocation Candle as it is tall and will normally outlast other candles on the altar.

Jumbo Candle
A larger, thicker version of the Household Candle.

Knob Candle
this candle has seven small knobs, one atop another, and stand approximately seven inches high. One knob can be burnt each day while concentrating on what you desire to manifest into your life. A separate oil is used for each knob or an all purpose oil can be used on all seven knobs, the choice is yours.

The Black Seven Knob
Candle provides an excellent way to banish undesirable energies from your home and the surrounding area. Burn one knob each day, starting on the Full Moon and working until the New Moon for best results. Use a Green Seven Knob Candle or a White Seven Knob Candle to build a protective wall around your home and those you love.

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