The fifth of the seven chakras is called the Throat Chakra, and in Sanskrit, it’s called “Vishuddha”. It’s located at the bottom of the neck, near your vocal chords. This chakra is the centre for communication.

Everyone in their lives has experienced a moment where they just could not express themselves, and that’s quite frustrating. Maybe you’ve always had an issue with verbally expressing an idea, or you’ve had trouble writing clearly. You may have had issue with learning, which lead to doubt, uncertainty and the need to criticise through ignorance. That feeling of a lack of authority, will power and faith in yourself, leads into habitual lying, fear, and a need to numb everything with an addiction. All of this stems from a block in communication.

The Throat Chakra is simple to balance. It starts with just sitting quietly with a pen and a sheet of paper, or a laptop if you prefer, and writing whatever comes to mind. Just start writing and let it all flow. If you’re stuck just move to another thought, or write about how being stuck makes you feel. Doing this regularly, daily even, allows your communication to flow harmoniously and balances this chakra. This chakra’s colour is blue, so wearing more blue clothing or working with blue crystals like blue topaz, turquoise and sodalite, will help raise the vibrational levels of this chakra. Drinking more water, juices and herbal teas, and eating tree growing fruits like apples, pears, peaches and apricots will also help to raise the vibrational levels of this chakra.

Someone with a balanced Throat Chakra lives in the present, has a good sense of timing, is content, centred and artistic. They would have a good ability at self expression and speaking their own truths. Meditation comes easily to them. People gravitate towards them because of their ability to express their truths and experiences.

Long term imbalance of this chakra can possibly lead to communication or speech problems, a lack of discernment, thyroid and immune system problems. Too low of a vibrational level of this chakra manifests as someone who is scared, timid, manipulative, unreliable, devious, inconsistent, feels conflicted with religious upbringing and may be afraid of sex. Too high of a vibrational level of this chakra manifests as someone who is arrogant, self righteous, dogmatic, sadistic and talks too much. Organs affected by this chakra are thyroid, throat, mouth and teeth.

Pick up a pen. Write your heart out. Don’t stop expressing yourself as the more you do, the better you will get at it. Keep writing and feel the emotion and negative vibrations leave your body as you write, and you’re rejuvenated with positive vibrations as your chakra glows brighter and brighter.


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