Thirteen powers do the Witches claim
their right of lineage by Goddess’s* name.
Tie a knot and say the words
or hand on head – the blessing conferred.
A Witch can give success in love
curse or bless through God/dess above.
Speak to beasts and spirits alike
command the weather, cast out a blight.
Read the heavens and stars of the night
divine the future and give good advice.
Conjure treasure and bring fortune to bear
heal the sick and kill despair

This is my birthright to have and to share
blessings you, (the person’s name), may the spirits be fair.

An expansion on what the blessing conveys
by Stormweaver

In the Thirteen Powers of the Witch Blessing above, many powers are mentioned… I know that if you’ve found this page, there is a strong possibility that you are wanting some info on what those powers mean, and what they can do. This module will give an outline of what each of those powers are, and what one can do with them. Now, don’t get me wrong, not all of this activity is recommended. I’m putting it here for reference… What you do with it after that is of your own accord.

1. Tie a knot and say the words
This refers to spellcasting, and is the most hought-of power of witches. Knot magick is very popular, and also incredibly versatile. Of course the amount of information I could put in this section would fill several books, but I’ll just leave it for the moment. I hope to soon put in some information about all kinds of spells on my lenses, including knot magick, candle magick and others.

2. or hand on head – the blessing conferred
As I mentioned above, one of the greatest things you can do for another is to offer a blessing. The “hand on head” reference here refers to a specific type of working; energy work. This type of working is known by a variety of names and practices, such as aura reading, chakra work/meditation, even Reiki. Working with energy has always been common to Witchcraft, and entails a lot. When using magick to work with another, the sense of touch is often required. Which is why laying a hand on one’s head is a good way to confer a blessing to another.

When witches work together, they will often have their hands in contact with one another’s. This is especially helpful when raising a cone of power, or or building a particular kind of energy in-circle. There are many ways to work with auras and energy, and we will definitely be exploring that a little more as time goes on.

3. A Witch can give success in love
What is one of the most popular reasons to go see your local witch? That’s right., a love potion, or love spell, love magick, whatever. Over the milenia, witches have always had a reputation for giving out love spells to those who just can’t seem to catch the eye of their heart’s desire.

If you look up “love spells” on Google, you’ll find over 15 million results! Love magick still holds sway with many who practice the craft. However, this is a dangerous and sticky area… Do you remember the law of Karma that I mentioned on my page Beginner’s Witchcraft? Well, casting a spell to force another to love you is one of the greatest violations of another’s will. It’s akin to rape, actually. There are other means, however.

If you really want love to enter your life, witchcraft can still help without the nasty karmic repurcusions. Love spells exist that can draw love to you, while not targeting and bending the will of a specific individual. This will definitely be a good topic for another lens.

4. Curse or Bless through Goddess above
These are other popular reeasons for one to seek out a witch. However, the laws of karma can still get you into a bind here if you are not careful. With a curse, or hex, it is pretty straightforward why. With blessings, it’s a little more confusing.

Is there a way to put a curse or hex on someone without incurring the damaging karma? Yes, there is. It is within everyone’s rights to defend themselves, their property and loved ones. Granted, a hex is not the best tool for the job, but it can work. However, the knowing of how to do it in this manner is rather advanced, and I will probably not be showing much of it here. Be aware that taking vengeance for a wrong against you does not fall into this category.

How can giving a blessing cause you negative karma? Well, by doing it without the subject’s permiission or knowledge, of course. With any magick that affects someone else, you need to give them the opportunity to accept the blessing, or to deny it if they do not want it. If you do not, it is the same as with love spells; it influences them and their life, and for that influence, you are held accountable by the universe.

If you want to perform magickal acts such as curses or blessings, yet don’t want to deal with the responsibility, I suggest you avoid the act altogether. However, if you can’t avoid it, and can’t be dissuaded, I offer the following advice: Don’t direct the spell at the person. Offer up your will to the God or Goddess, and petition one of them to take action on your behalf. If the Gods above deem that the action you are insisting on is warranted, then your petition may be granted. However, if they dont agree with you, leave the matter alone. Once you offer up something to the Divine, let it go. It is out of your hands after that.

5. Speak to beasts and spirits alike
This is a good one. Witches spend a lot of time “communing” with nature and the Divine. Well, in doing this, one often opens themselves to receive communication from spirits, and beasts, around them. Skeptics often scoff at this part, as they don’t really believe that one cn communicate on a psychic level with beings around them. However, when your mind is quiet, and you are wiling to receive information from the world around you, and beyond, you will experience thoughts and feelings that do not orginate from you.

6. Command the Weather
This one is dubious. Weather is a fickle and variable beast, and tempramental at that. There are many ways to influence the weather through magick, yet the results of this kind of magick have far reaching and unforseeable consequences. The secrets of weather magick are best left to those who are more advanced in their knowledge, or, better yet, to the divine.

7. Cast out a blight
This is speaking of a blight on crops. Christian crusaders were likely to blame a witch for a bad harvest, rather to ask one for help. However, witches often focus on harvest magick, and ensuring a good crop. Wiccan Sabbats (holidays) often center around fertility, the harvest, and the seasons of the year. Some of the most powerful rituals I have seen were during seasons of planting or harvesting, where an entire community comes together with thoughts of a bountiful harvest to come.

8. Read the heavens and stars of the night
Witches love asrtology. In fact, deciphering birth charts and the alignments of planets and constellations is a profitable career for many witches. The Zodiac we use originates in Egypt, but every culture and civilization before us had some means of understanding the world around by studying the heavens above. In fact, many cultures left the study of astrology the priests and other religious figures.

9. Divine the future
Most of my friends receive Tarot readings from me on a regular basis. Granted, the interpretations aren’t always accurate, though that can be a measure of people hearing what they want to hear. However, many people consult the advice of so-called “psychics” and clairvoyents. Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal gazing, and many other means are available to those who would like to learn to use divination. One note on divination: The future is never set in stone, and if one receives a “bad” reading, it often serves as a warning, to help one to avoid the bad situation. More often than not, readings only clarify a present situation.

10. Give good advice
Not much of a super-power, eh? Well, I, for one, count it among the one of the greatest. Through practice of helping, healing and protecting others, one will begin to develope a reputation. That reputation often leads others to trust you and come to you for advice. Having earned this level of trust in people is very rewarding, and does as much good for the witch as it does for those receiving the advice.

11. Conjure Treasure and bring fortune to bear
Need is the key here. Most witches I know are not millionaires. Wh not? Because, most of the time, you don’t need millions of dollars. Most witches I know are comfortables within their means.

Yet, money magick and the promises of easy wealth are one of the most alluring aspects of The Craft. Next to love spells, one of the most requested services of a witch is a money spell.

Remember, the universe in an abundant place, with enough resources for everyone to live a happy, healthy life. Taking more than your fair share is not a good way to keep in balance and harmony with the world around you. Yet, neither is depriving yourself of something you need to be be successful.

12.Heal the sick
Next to love and money, healing magick is a very popular reson to seek out a witch. Herbology, alternative medicine and many other forms of healing have come about as part of the “new age”. This has always been a pat of Witchcraft, and will continue to be so.

13. Kill Despair
One of the greatest of all gifts is hope. mankind can surmount anything, so long as they have a measure of hope. Witches and their kin are leaders in their communities, and as such, offer hope to those who need it. This is the greatest strength of a witch, in my humble opinion.

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