The sixth of the seven chakras is called the Third Eye Chakra, and in Sanskrit, it is called “Ajna”. This chakra is located between the eyebrows on the forehead. It is the centre of your intuition, and responsible for your wisdom, intellect and psychic abilities.

We have all had moments when we feel like we could be doing more, or we’re not disciplined enough. When this chakra is imbalanced, while you will experience some level of indiscipline, you will also experience extreme feelings of pride, manipulation, and possibly a fear of success. Your ego might be over inflated, and you might become authoritative, close minded and dogmatic. You feel attached to material things, and have a fear of trusting your intuition or instinct. You might even have a sleep disorder and problems with your coordination and learning.

So how do you balance this chakra? Unlike the other five chakras, this one requires a simple meditation and a visualisation. Find somewhere where you will be undisturbed. Spend a couple minutes just settling down and clearing your mind. Close your eyes and listen to your breathing. Then focus on your third eye chakra and visualise it glowing brighter with every inhale. With every exhale, feel the negative vibrations leave your body through your breath.

Indigo and violet resonate well with this chakra, so wearing more clothing this colour and working with crystals like amethyst and sapphire will help to raise the vibrational level of this chakra. Eating more foods like blackberries, blueberries, grapes, lavender and mugwort, and drinking red wine also help to raise the vibrational level of this chakra.

Someone with a balanced third eye chakra is charismatic, has no fear of death, does not need anyone to complete themselves, receives divine guidance easily, has no material attachments, is open minded, wise, and trusts their intuition and instincts without hesitation.

Long term imbalance of this chakra could possibly lead to mental illness, physical, mental and psychic exhaustion, confusion, bad eyesight, sleep disorders, learning disabilities and coordination problems. Too low of a vibrational level of this chakra manifests as someone who is undisciplined, non-assertive, overly sensitive to the feelings of others, afraid of success, and an inability to distinguish between the ego-self and the higher-self. Too high of a vibrational level of this chakra manifests as someone who is egotistical, manipulative, authoritarian and requires a substance to relax or unwind. Organs affected by this chakra are the brain, eyes, ears and nose.

Spend some time alone. Meditate daily. Let your chakra open, and glow brighter with every breath you take in. Exhale all the negative vibrations in your body. You have the power to unlock the secrets in your mind. Open your heart and mind to accepting divine guidance and let it work in your life.


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