Theban script, also known as “The Witches’ Alphabet” or ” The Runes of Honorius”,is a magical alphabet used to write spells and incantationsin a Witches’ Book of Shadows, and to inscribe one’s craft name on ritual tools and Witch jewels. Writing in Theban script is also a convenient way to keep your work hidden from others.

Theban script is more commonly known as the “Witches alphabet” or “Runes of Honorius”after its creator, Honorius of Thebes. After some research the script seemed to have originally appeared in “The Three Books of Occult Philosophy” (De Occulta Philosophia) by Cornelius Agrippa, where Agrippa states that an Italian magician from the 13th century attributes the alphabet to Honorius. This book was first published in Antwerp in 1531. Some believe the alphabet originated as a Latin cipher before the 11th-century, there is some evidence to support this theory, while other say the alphabet appear in the book “The Magnus” by Honorius II who was the Pope from 1216 to 1227.

Theban script is used today by many pagans, mystics, witches, and wiccans to encode their own writings in their Book of Shadows, Grimoires and spell books. Used also in Spell crafting, making talismanic devices and amulets by either carving, drawing, painting or printing the letters on stone or wood to be worn for a specific purpose. As for me I often use Theban script in candle magick, carving the symbols directly into the wax.

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