The Use of Colour in Magick

Colour is an important aspect to life in general, not just witchcraft. Colour affects your mood, memory retention and overall temperament. It can even affect your appetite!

Could you imagine how colour impacts spell work? I’m the first person to tell you not to overthink it. Colour affects people differently and it’s a completely individual experience overall. White is my most used candle, because for me, it’s a neutral colour and a clean slate. Go with your intuition; its never wrong. If you think a yellow candle would be better for a specific healing spell, then use that. Don’t let someone tell you that you must have a forest green candle of a certain hue for a spell to work. Bullshit. You’re the one with the power; not the candle, not the colour. YOU.

I’m not going into the complicated aspects of each colour of the spectrum. You’re not going to read it, and I’m not going to write it. Here are the simple ones, and how they are widely used. Always go with your intuition if you feel a certain way.


White is a pure colour, and is used for connecting with pure spirit and the Goddess. It’s worn for ritual, representing purity, to allow a stronger connection to the Divine. A white candle is used for protection, healing, cleansing, spiritual enlightenment, divination, truth and peace, and can be substituted for any other colour candle.


Black is used for absorption, and a deep connection to the earth. When worn, it has the ability to absorb quiet power, depression and sickness. As a candle, it is used for protection, releasing, deep meditation, uncrossing spells, breaking free from bad habits and addictions, contact with spirits, and to banish evil and negativity.


Red is the colour of passion, courage, victory, strength and physical desire. It stimulates energy, vitality, passion, life, and potential. When worn, it can attract lust and ego-fuelling attention. As a candle, it can be unpredictable, and so, should be used with caution. It is used for love, passion, war, sexuality, fertility, power, loyalty and transformation. It is often used with a black candle to balance and ground the wild energy of red.


Yellow is the colour of knowledge, communication, travel and trade. When worn, it can increase confidence, joy, cheerfulness, concentration, mental clarity and learning. As a candle, it’s used for memory, clarity, understanding, creativity, knowledge, telepathy, and astral projection. It’s a very good colour for students and artists, and those suffering from insecurities and a lack of confidence.


Orange is the colour of luck and fortune. An invoker of charm, kindness, prosperity, financial abundance and optimism, it can provide opportunities for success when worn. As a candle, it is used for business and legal matters, investments, achieving business goals, abundance, and success. It’s also the colour of feast and celebration.


Green is colour of Earth, nature, growth, recovery and healing. When worn, it promotes abundance, harmony, prosperity, peace, and rejuvenation. As a candle, it’s used for contacting guides and faeries, balance, peace, fertility, growth, healing, harvest, prosperity and success. A green candle is also used to counteract greed, jealous and ambitious influences.


Blue is the colour of peace, tranquility, calmness, truth and wisdom. When worn, it promotes patience, understanding, sincerity, laughter, and emotional healing. As a candle, it’s used for protection during sleep, astral projection, meditation, sleep, truth, guidance, justice, counsel, understanding, inspiration and harmony.


Purple is the colour of divination, prophecy and spiritual power. When worn, it promotes meditation, guidance, divination, spirituality and psychic power. As a candle, it’s used for counteracting negativity and dark magick, reversing curses, psychic healing, astral projection, divination, meditation, spirituality, and spirit contact. It’s a good colour to use if you do not have white.


Brown is the colour of earth, and represents grounding, conservation, animals, and stability. When worn, it promotes personal creativity, career, and success in legal issues and business. As a candle, it’s used for material increase, attracting help in financial crisis, solidifying relationships, increasing decisiveness and finding lost objects. It’s heavily used in animal healing.

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There are some secondary colours which are worth noting here. Again, you’re not required to use them and Goddess knows I don’t in most cases. But it’s good knowledge to have in case you’ll ever need it.


Pink is the colour of tenderness, romance, youth and love. When worn, it promotes true love, friendship, friendliness and kindness. As a candle, it’s used to attract true, pure love, marriage, romance, affection, friendship, and heal a broken heart. This colour also promotes femininity.


Gold is the colour of the God. It possesses masculine and solar energies, and promotes understanding, energy, power, vitality, richness, and confidence when worn. As a candle, it’s used for concentration, creativity, attaining power, knowledge, understanding and masculine energy.


Silver is the colour of the Goddess. Its possesses feminine and lunar energies, and promotes psychic abilities, emotional stability, cycles, and healing, when worn. As a candle, it’s used for attracting the influence of the Goddess, psychic abilities, neutralising negativity, astral projection, clairvoyance, divination, and restores hormonal and emotional stability.


Grey is the colour of neutralisation. It’s used to halt an action, ponder complex issues during meditation, neutralise a negative influence, and restore balance and peace.

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