In humankind’s search of God, on whatever path, there is reverence for meditation and contemplation, worship and prayer, for an inner sanctuary of peace from the challenging pace of society.

The practice of daily Stillness utilizes the three techniques of meditation from Eastern countries — physical relaxation, mental stillness and silent listening. From Western religious practice, it includes the three steps of dialogue with God, prayer and worship.

We believe that both Eastern and Western traditions can complement and learn from one another. Practiced together, these steps can collectively bring even greater fulfillment and enlightenment to the spiritual seeker. At the Stillness Foundation, this is what we are dedicated to helping you achieve.

Stillness is not a formally structured activity; it is any time you spend with God. But many have found it helpful in the beginning to structure the time. We incorporate it into seven steps:

1. Physical Relaxation

This important beginning involves posture, breathing, and relaxing the muscles.

2. Mental Stillness

Stilling a constantly active mind can be a difficult step. The technique involves letting go of thoughts, concerns, and anxieties in spiritual faith.

3. Dialogue With God

Get to know God, your Father, by sharing your experiences, concerns and questions. God is the best friend, wisest counselor and most loving parent you can imagine.

4. Prayer

Express your love for God’s other children by asking that they be blessed, delivered from their troubles with insights that lead them to spiritual growth.

5. Worship

This is simply giving thanks to God for our lives and the rich opportunities they afford us for learning, growth and service. Look beyond the physical-material level and focus on the fruits of the spirit which God can multiply in our lives.

6. Silent Listening

Importantly, take time to listen — not for some booming voice to tell you everything, but for God’s inspiration from afar. It may be faint or subtle, and it may take time, even hours or days, to get through the static layers of consciousness in your mind. But rest assured in faith. God will answer you.

7. The Embrace

Finally, in the Stillness, there is the time to bask in the presence and love of God, a time for feeling and inner-knowing in faith that you are a beloved child of a compassionate and benevolent Heavenly Father. Realize that God is the creator of these loving, energizing feelings, and your destiny is to live in that love forever. God is the source of all life — and the source of you.

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