You have already learned that you have had your psychic abilities through most of your life, but it’s likely that as you grew up, the adults around you probably discouraged or ignored your special talents. Now, you have the opportunity to nurture and encourage the psychic abilities of your children. In this chapter, you will learn how to help a child identify and become comfortable with his natural intuitive gifts.

Listen to What Children Tell You

You may be a parent of young children, an aunt or uncle, or even a teacher. Or you may have young siblings, godchildren, or children of friends. Whether a child is your relative or whether you work with kids professionally, you are in a unique position to help them reach their psychic potential.

Through their early years, children accept the world around them without the same boundaries that they will have when they become adults. There are no limitations as far as a child is concerned. Their imagination is reality to them. They can see and comprehend dimensions that an adult is no longer able to do. Space, time, and other models of perception that they will inherit from adults as they grow older do not yet limit them.

Many adults still carry the stigma that they received as a child from overprotective adults. Sometimes harm is caused by an overprotective adult who is afraid a child will not conform to the general thinking of society. They do not nourish the child’s psychic gift, only stifle it.

A child has the ability to see both pictures in the hologram. They do it so naturally that both views are a reality to them. They can cross the line into a fantasy world that adults have long since forgotten. They can exist in an altered state of reality, and they can experience the world that Edgar Cayce called the unmanifest reality.

Children Are Teachers

Children are the true teachers. Many times their first assignment on earth is to teach an adult about a part of life that he has neglected. It may be as simple as unconditional love, or as complicated as resolving situations from the past. Unfortunately, many adults fail to grasp the opportunity to get themselves back in tune with their life purpose.

Many adults do not pay attention to what a child is really telling them. All they hear is idle chatter, and they may miss a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the experience. For a moment, imagine that a child is a visitor from someplace that had a different culture and language. Wouldn’t you treat this special visitor with courtesy, like a guest? Think of that the next time you are in a hurry and the child wants to teach you something that is very important to her. Perhaps it’s something that should be important to you, too.

Patience is the key to letting a child become your teacher. Remember that they are not yet used to communicating in the way that their minds know. They are still getting used to physical bodies that may not behave the way they expect them to.

Encourage Psychic Potential

You have a special opportunity to help children accept and become in tune with their rich psychic heritage. How you treat and nurture their intuitive gifts can impact their entire lives, either positively or negatively. If they feel threatened by their abilities, they may shut them off and never use them again.

Children may begin to indicate their psychic potential almost at birth. Study their eyes and how they look at you, others, and their surroundings. Observe how they hear and the natural movements of their bodies. As they grow, what characteristics do they develop that they could not have learned during their current lifetime? Keep accurate records. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep a daily record of your observations of behaviour that may indicate psychic abilities.
  • Look for behaviour patterns that indicate psychic abilities.
  • Videotape actions that indicate psychic abilities.
  • As the child grows, watch for responses to sensory input from all the five different senses.
  • When the child can talk, ask questions relating to how his mind works in the five different senses.

Determine how the child’s mental makeup functions, and keep a record with follow-up questions.

As long as you allow children to feel confident that they can trust you with their knowledge, they will share it with you. If they think that you are not sincere, they will not tell you what they know. If you lose their trust, it may be hard to win it back again.

Some adults go so far as to threaten punishment for a child whose reality does not fit in the normal world. If you observe a behavior pattern that may not be accepted by others, you may want to discuss it with the child. Children can learn when to share what they know and when it is time to keep it to themselves. Remember each child is a special human being who is different from anyone else on earth. If you observe and identify the child’s special intuitive abilities, you have helped them find a tool that they can use throughout their entire lives.

Begin Early

It is very important to establish the groundwork for psychic growth in the preschool years. Children in traumatic family situations develop their psychic ability rapidly, often as a defense and escape mechanism. You may observe a child of preschool age who has imaginary friends. If you tell this child that those friends are not real, the child may lose the ability to see them. On the other hand, if the child is comfortable with this gift, those friends may remain visible throughout the child’s adult life, too.

Once children start school, they can become painfully aware that they are different from other children. If children are ridiculed, they will shut down their special intuitive gifts. The more you are aware of potential struggles, the more you can help them adjust to the differences in beliefs that exist in the world around them. They may develop the ability to see auras or other things. The more you let them feel free to discuss how they really feel and experience, the more self-confidence they will develop in their own special psychic gifts.

The Teen Years

Some children may not reach their psychic potential until their teenage years. As their bodies change, they seem to open even more to the energy of the Universe. The teen years can provide some of the greatest opportunities for psychic development and growth.

You can do a wonderful service to teenagers by giving them permission to explore and work with their natural-born psychic abilities. Imagine how it would benefit mankind if someone you encouraged to take the risk to grow psychically went on to use his or her gifts in a positive way.

In the following sections, you can examine different psychic abilities common to children, including astral projection (ability to fly psychically), memories of past lives, having prophetic dreams, and communication with imaginary friends (who may be their spiritual guides).

Memories of Flight

Can you remember what it was like to fly? Some adults still can. Children’s minds accept a second reality of a nonphysical body. In that form, they are free to escape the gravitational restrictions of their earthly body. It is easy for them to move about in a weightless dimension because their minds have not yet been constrained to the limited views of the adult world.

Only when they become aware of their physical bodies do children start to pull back from this second reality. An adult’s influence on a child during the transition years will make a great difference to the freedom of nonphysical travel he will have the rest of his life. Those who learn they cannot fly any more will more than likely never do it again during their current lifetime. Those who are encouraged to continue to fly in their minds will enjoy this freedom for as long as they want.

You can have a major impact on children who believe they can fly. If you start observing their mental processes at an early age, you will quite probably be able to detect when children leave their bodies for a short period of time. At that age, they do not separate their physical body from their mental body. In their reality they are flying with both mental and physical bodies, even though it is only their mental one that leaves. They can actually experience physical sensations as they travel about.

Encourage Astral Projection

If a child tells you he can fly, how would you respond to him? Would you tell him that flying was only his imagination, or would you ask him to tell you how he does it? Perhaps a good way would be to ask him to tell you what he knows in his own way. It may be that the experience he describes is astral projection. He may believe that he can instantly go to a different place, and he may view that experience as flying.

Children often have experiences that they tell you as a story. It makes no sense to you but makes absolute sense to them. Give them the benefit of their expertise. You may want to ask them when they first knew they could fly, what it feels like, and how often do they do it. What experiences do they have when they reach their destinations? Perhaps they go to other realms beyond the limitations of our earth.

A Few of the Benefits

Why encourage a child to fly? Of course, in the world of normal reality, no one can fly. So what good does it do to imagine? In the second view of reality, the world takes on a complete new dimension. If a child or an adult is able to enter that world, many wonderful things can result from the experience. Keeping the ability to fly in one’s mind can keep the doorway open to unlimited experiences and resources.

When artist Kathleen Moore was a child, she was able to fly through her special enchanted woods filled with beautiful fairies, birds, and flowers. As an adult, she was able to bring this same enchantment into her beautiful paintings.

Knowing Where and How to Land

The hazard for a child who can fly is relating the experience to those who do not understand. If you encounter a child who has this ability, you can help her to understand that some people will not believe her. That way, she’ll be prepared and protected from the possibility of ridicule. If she knows how to relate to the normal reality of the world around her, she can step into and return from her world of flight whenever she wants or needs to. Once children learn whom they can trust, they will have the freedom to explore and a place they can come back to with the confidence that their experiences will be accepted as a reality.

Stories from Before

Once children begin to talk, they may tell you stories from before. These stories can range from experiences before birth and between lifetimes, of past lives, or of things they know and experience from other worlds or dimensions. Their second reality is open to the Universe, and time has no parameters or boundaries for them.

If it is possible, you may want to set aside a period of time each day called Story Time. It may be during a period when the child is encouraged to rest, stay quiet, or read. It should be in a place they feel safe, comfortable, and free from interruptions. It is important to establish an activity that is fun and one that the child looks forward to. It should be an experience where the child feels free to let their imagination take both of you wherever it goes, as long as it is positive and beneficial.

Never force children to tell you more than they want to. If the experience of Story Time is unpleasant, they will not be as open and sharing of their stories from before. The more comfortable they are, the easier it will be.

It may take some time to establish a routine. Children tend to have a short attention span, and they may be reluctant to share at first. As long as they feel you are truly interested in what they know from the past, sooner or later they will become comfortable and learn to trust in your intentions. You may be amazed when they begin to confide in you about their experiences from before.

Collect the data from Story Time, and make notes on where you would like them to elaborate in the next session. Remember to keep in mind the five different image senses when you ask your questions.

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