The pentagram has always been an amulet of protection, balance and a representation of the elements for Pagans and Wiccans alike. Sadly, this symbol has faced a lot of bad press, and was awarded a bad reputation. Hopefully, this post can help clear up some of the misunderstanding.

The five points each represent one of the elements:

  1. Earth, the bottom left point, representing stability and physical endurance.
  2. Fire, the bottom right point, representing courage and daring.
  3. Water, the right point, representing emotions and intuition.
  4. Air, the left point, representing intelligence and the arts.
  5. Spirit, the top point, representing the divine.


The Inverted Pentagram is representative of a man subservient to his carnal desires.

The Pentagram becomes a pentacle when it is drawn with a circle around it. This circle represents the continuing circle of life. Pentacles can be found engraved in rings, chalices, clay, and other altar items.

An interesting piece of history to note is that the pentagram was used to represent Jesus on the cross until medieval times, when it was eventually phased out in favour of the cross we know today.

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