The art of the Necromancer is one which begins with the most simple goal: Understand the nature of Life and Death. However simple it starts, though, that goal instantly imposes a very complex nature on the practitioner. The Necromancer’s prime energy is the Death Essence and the study of the energies present at death or during frailty is the beginning of knowledge. As the Necromancer becomes familiar with the twisting ethers of decay, it becomes apparent that one cannot escape their influence even as a practitioner. With the passing of time, the Necromancer gains an understanding of the true cycles of life, the afterlife, the netherworlds, and passingly even of the celestial realms. The study of disease, decay, illness, and of the nature of the soul will contribute to a full understanding of the nature of Necromantic Cursing. Also, after continued experimentation, servitors become a possibility.

At the end of the line, the Necromancer learns the possibilities of soul manipulations and experiments of that nature. It is the appreciation of Death, and an admiration of the silent beauty of a life complete.

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