– Prepare the work area and magick circle; decide exactly what you seek on the astral plane.

– Before going into a light trance, use herbal fluid condenser to draw the symbol of the Moon Boat (a crescent)with your finger.

– Control breathing and go into trance.

– Imagine yourself growing smaller and finally small enough to enter the mirror….

Feel yourself being drawn into the mirror’s portal. Inside, you encounter a beautiful moonlit shore, above you is a star filled sky and ahead is a dark sea covered with rolling mists. There, waiting for you upon the sea, is the moonboat you have created for yourself. Step aboard and relax as a silken sail rises. Each time you breathe, the sail fills with your breath. You begin to float and glide swiftly and silently across the dark sea. There is nothing to fear in this calm seascape. Travel deeper into trance and further across the sea until you reach another shore….

Step ashore and experience the new land. Note the details of the landscape and how you feel about being there. Mentally call out to your astral guide and wait for her/him to appear before continuing on. When your guide approaches, greet her/him, and explain what you seek. Follow where the guide leads and take notice of all sensations and images.

When you feel that your needs have been met, thank your guide and return swiftly to the moon boat. Step aboard and return the way you came. Return slowly to your physical body and begin to see through your physical eyes again. You will remember all you saw and felt on your journey… write it all down in your scrying journal.


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