The Healer


Healer’s are channelers of the body’s energies. The Healer is a realigner of magical forces to the benefit of a living being. The theory is that when the physical body is cut the ethereal body is cut as well. Both wounds will eventually heal but the ethereal cut is usually untended to. The Healer must feel the energy of the wounded, “soften” it, and mold it back into alignment with the rest of the body. Once the ethereal body is healed, the physical body will quickly follow. By the same token, the Healer can create wounds as well by disaligning the ethereal body of a target. This is rarely done, as a Healer is almost always interested in health and life (or else it’s more common that someone interested in injury takes up Necromancy instead). The healing is usually not instant, but it is extremely fast.

Nothing short of practice will improve a Healer in this art.



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