The Diviner’s main job is to find out what’s going to happen. There are so many varieties of exactly how to do this that there will be no advanced page of this art. It is just too varied and difficult to pin down. As a general guideline though, Diviners use a physical medium of some sort to find out what they can about the future.

Every form divination imaginable is out there for the taking. Among many many other types of divination are the use of clouds, tarot decks, runes, water, fire, earth, wind, sand, sticks, rocks, birds, cats, dogs, spiders, bones, intestines, blood, insects, weather conditions, feces, fingernails, palms, finger prints, the infamous crystal ball, head bumps, eye orientation, candles, saliva, spirits, fairies, sprites, hair, urine, body measurements, tea leaves, auras, dreams, wax drippings, stains, tooth alignment, eating habits, birthdays, zodiac signs, and a myriad more than I have room for on this page.

Each Diviner has a different way of telling what will happen, but the basic gist is that regardless of how they do it, they do it. Diviners are often employed by magicians who have no divining power of their own to see what primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc. effects a particular spell will have on them, their friends, their target, etc. In the technological age, many people use online divination methods, such as the ones offered at Facade.Com. These sorts of services are everywhere, and can sometimes be helpful.

Usually, it is best to take your future divining needs to a real diviner though, not a randomizer-based computer program (although many people see the computer as an equally legitimate form of divining). Books on fortune and future telling abound. One does not have to look far to find a place to learn Divination.

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