My dear Lunari’s 🙂

I want to start with a thank you. A huge thank you to all of those who continue to support Luna’s Grimoire with your presence, time, energy, blessings, and money. Every single one of you are the reason why Luna’s Grimoire still exists.

Luna’s Grimoire is now five years old. It’s amazing how much time has flew, and how much we have all grown together, as individuals and as a group. I’m really proud of everyone here. To those who have seen hell and have managed to rise above, cheers to your good health. To those who are still fighting, and this includes me, keep on fighting: you will win, and far sooner than you think.

Today I am addressing the challenges I’ve had to face over the years being Luna. Hopefully, this will help some of you who may face the same issues I face.

During the last half of 2016, I lost everything; my car, my home, my business (which was paying the bills), most of my sanity, my hope and my ability to dream. I was numb. I write about this on my personal blog,, if any of you want to find out more about the person who is Luna. So I won’t go into the gruesome details in this entry. The scale of that loss was obscene, and no matter what I did, it felt like I was constantly doing the wrong thing. This lead me to almost having a nervous breakdown, but I did not give in and managed to keep about 5% of my sanity intact.

This loss left a gaping hole in my life, and I was not sure how to deal with it at first. But one thing kept ringing through the noise… when you lose everything, it leaves a space to make new things exactly how you want it. So, now that I had all this space, I needed to put things in it.

I decided to move in December. Not move to another apartment. Not move across town. Move across the pond. 5000 miles across the pond. A 26 hour flight away from everything I knew. England was home, but I hadn’t been back in 20 years (and to add insult to injury, I’m only 26). The transition period was interesting to say the least. I not only needed to adjust to a new culture, climate, transportation system, time zone and sleep cycle, but I also had to adjust to new vibrations and dealing with a dense population, because the population of Trinidad and Tobago is only 1.3 million on the entire twin island republic. London all by itself is over 7 million people. Just think about all that new energy! I was completely disoriented after my first day on the Central Line during rush hour at Stratford.

Now that I was in a new country, I needed to get a job. So, new goals! Get a boring 8-hour job and spend the rest of my day thinking and working on Luna’s Grimoire! I did find a small job that covers the bills, so I can spend my time building Luna’s Grimoire. It’s a great feeling to be able to do that now; especially after spending 2016 wondering how I was going to pay rent or buy food.

I’ve spent the better part of five years fighting who I am and my life purpose. I have resisted with every possible excuse. Now let me explain why I’ve been fighting… I am Luna. Forget the wicca, for a minute. The person who Luna is, that healer, counselor, person of light; that is me. This, strangely enough, was the hardest thing for me to accept. I spent years struggling to separate the business side of me from that inner empath, and all I did was suppress it until it burst through. You cannot run a business in a cutthroat industry and be Luna; that’s really swimming against the current, and it did more harm than good.

Although I have lost everything, I’ve learned so much about myself from this experience. And I’m extremely grateful for having gone through all of that pain and suffering to be able to let go of all the negativity of society and truly become who I am.

It has taken me a few months to settle down, prioritise and find new workflows. But now that I have finally uncovered all of this, I can move forward and work on building my life and Luna’s Grimoire.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking at Luna’s Grimoire and what it has done over the course of five years. We have had our ups and downs; from server problems to Luna going missing, to never having enough time, to not being able to admit truths to ourselves, to personal issues. You see, while Luna’s Grimoire has always been very important to me, I was never really sure what to do with it, or where the focus should be. It’s a bit like someone gives you a rubix cube and no one tells you what you’re supposed to do with it. Unless someone tells you it’s a puzzle, and you have to match up the colours, it’s a little difficult to decipher.

Luna’s Grimoire is an anomaly. This is why it’s hard to figure out the next steps. But I’ve spent the last few months looking at the data from the last five years, and we have a way forward. The challenge here is keeping it simple, real and manageable.

So here are a few of the new plans:

We’re coming off of social media. While most of you reside on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’re finally closing those doors. Over the past five years we have spent a lot of time and effort (and money) trying to find the right strategy for Luna’s Grimoire, but we have found that social media just isn’t for us. So, we shall be saying goodbye to Facebook and Instagram. If you’re having an issue, you can send me a note via the website (there is a little envelope icon at the bottom right of every screen).

Streamlining the website. Over the next few weeks you will see a lot of work being done on the home page, and website in general. This is to accommodate the new strategy we’re rolling out. If you’re seeing any major errors, please let me know as I might not have discovered the same issue.

New content. I am in the process of writing books for Luna’s Grimoire. I’m also developing some more courses for you to take. I have a tarot and angel reading course coming up too, so look out for that. Our focus is being placed back on what Luna’s Grimoire started with: content. And more content will be published over the coming months.

The live chat is back! Yes, I have brought it back, even though we have had some (people) issues in the past. I think it’s important for everyone to be able to communicate in a method we are all familiar with. Please remember to abide by community guidelines and submit a note to me if you find someone is abusing that feature.
I hope everyone sees the new focus of this project. We’re all about providing high quality, accurate content for you. And as a bonus, we’re building a support system for those who need a safe haven, which is where the Luna’s Grimoire network and live chat come in.

I wish you all the brightest blessings and offer my deepest gratitude for your continued support.

Ad lucem,

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