Your Psychic Responsibility

You can now call yourself a psychic. You have the unlimited power of the Universe at the tip of your third eye. All you have to do is shift your focus, and you are in instant contact. It can be very tempting to put this power to use for personal gain.

So, what are you going to do with your new knowledge? Are you planning to use it for personal gain? Are you tempted to reach out for the riches and prosperity that you might have once thought were rightfully yours? Do you want to be able to gain an advantage on others so that you can manipulate and control them?

Yes, you can use your psychic abilities for personal gain, but for how long? Free will is your opportunity to go your own way instead of in the direction of your soul’s journey. Remember what karma is. Are you willing to risk your investment in the future growth of your soul for momentary personal gain to satisfy your ego?

You have an inner guidance system that will let you know if you are going in a direction that is not in tune with your life journey. Pay attention to your warning system and take the time to get refocused on your life purpose.

Prepare Physically

Part of your obligation is to keep yourself in tune physically for your psychic journey. If you are able, it is important that you find the time to stay as fit as possible. That means getting the right exercise and making the proper choice of healthful foods. The more you keep your physical body in condition to be a conduit for psychic energy, the better your connection to the Universal Mind will be. Your physical condition is a part of your psychic development.

Prepare Mentally

It is also important for you to keep yourself in as good a mental condition as possible for your upcoming psychic journey. Remember to keep a healthy mental perspective. Take the time to use your relaxation exercises to help keep your psychic energy in balance. Also use your mental anchors to trigger relaxed states during times when it is hard to escape the stresses that you encounter. The more time you can spend in a positive waking trance state, the more you will be mentally in tune with your psychic development.

Prepare Spiritually

The more grounded and comfortable you are with your personal belief, the more in tune with your spirituality you will be. Make sure that you are in touch many times a day with your spirit guides, your angels, or whatever you believe is there to help guide you on your soul’s journey. The more you are open to your internal and external guidance systems, the more you will learn to rely on the power and strength of the Universal Energy. Remember always to be aware of keeping your chakra centers balanced and open to the peace and love of the Universe and to keep grounded in universal golden light.

Continue to Practice

Just as with any other talent, if you do not use your psychic talent it will eventually dwindle away. Now that you have identified your psychic gifts, it is time for you to work with them on a steady basis. You may have more than one area that you want to develop. Make sure that you develop a plan that is workable for you. Many times people get very excited at learning something new at first, but if they do not quickly establish a routine, they can easily lose interest and abandon their project.

Set aside a period of time everyday to work with your psychic ability. It doesn’t have to be long, perhaps as little as fifteen minutes to start — the time you will need to take will depend on what you are working on and the potential need for companions in your work (whether you need to be alone, near people, or actually work with others). If you are using a self-hypnotic trance, you will not want to be interrupted. If you are reading people or energies, you will want to be in a place where you have access to different subjects.

Be aware that you may meet some resistance from other people, family, or friends. They may resent that you are spending time away from them. They may not believe in psychic abilities and may not be happy that you have that gift. They may not want you to mention the subject anywhere around them. You may have to find a way to balance your psychic development and your family and friends.

Disperse Psychic Energy Buildup

One of the hazards that you may face as you become more and more in tune with your intuitive abilities is psychic energy buildup. What this means is that when you take a large amount of Universal Energy into your body, it is possible to build up a surplus. If it does not find an outlet, it will manifest itself in different ways, such as with an intense electrical tingling. As an example, if you are using your hands for healing and are bringing in the energy for that purpose, it is possible that you feel prickly sensations in your hands.

Pay attention to how your psychic development is affecting you. When you remain focused on it for a period of time, are you able to clear it from your mind after you have finished a session? Are you able to sleep peacefully, or do you toss and turn?

It is always a good idea when you are working with energy to keep yourself grounded. There are several ways to do this. If the energy surplus is localized, such as in your hands or feet, the easy way is to touch the ground with the parts of your body that are overcharged. You can also shake your hands, your arms, or your fingers to help disperse the energy back into the Universe. Deep breathing is another excellent way as long as you let the energy flow out of your body when you exhale. If your entire body feels like it has been charged, you may want to exercise, go for a walk, or swim to help dissipate energy.

Washing your hands and arms in cold water, bathing your feet, or immersing your whole self are all good ways to get rid of surplus energy. Remember that this charged energy is a healing energy and you can feel a sense of universal peace and health as you let it flow back out into the Universe. The goal is to keep yourself in balance and in tune so that you retain the proper amount of healing and psychic energy.

Instead of taking care of themselves, many people turn to chemical aids or alcohol to help them detune their psychic energy. Some turn to overeating and develop a serious weight problem. All of those things only suppress the energy rather than clearing it from their bodies.

Remember, It’s Not Your Power

Another problem many novice psychics face is learning to develop and use their psychic abilities while keeping in mind where the source of their power and knowledge originates. As you continue working on developing your psychic abilities, continually ask yourself where your powers are coming from. Are they there for your responsible use and for the good of all? Or do you have the right to claim it as your own and use it for your personal short-term goals?

Owning something implies a certain amount of responsibility. If you impress on others that you have a psychic power, you will be expected to live up to your ability. Unfortunately your psychic power may not turn on and off like a light switch. Every time you receive psychic energy it may be a little different. Your connection to the Universe can sometimes be very strong and at other times very weak. Your job is to be ready to experience it when it is called for. The more you practice, the stronger your psychic connection will become.

If you take all the credit, then you will have to accept the failures that are bound to happen. If you acknowledge the ownership of the Universe, then there are no failures, only honest attempts to succeed. Once you have established clear universal ownership of your psychic abilities, not only in your mind but also in the minds of others, you will have the freedom to let it flow without the pressure to turn it on and perform.

Develop a positive belief habit as you progress in your psychic growth. The more you give acknowledgment to your Belief and your guidance systems, the easier it will be to avoid the problems of the ego and the conflict of ownership. This will free you up to stay in proper focus.

“I” or “Eye”?

The words you use to describe your psychic abilities and who owns them will either give you the freedom to experience or commit you to success or failure. When you say, “I have a psychic power,” are you talking about yourself or the Universe?

It is okay to use the word as long as you mean your third eye or your universal connection. The Universe has incredible power as long as you accept what it has to offer. If you claim that it is yours instead, will you be able to handle the responsibility?

When you relate your third “eye” to your excitement over your psychic development, you can keep a balance with your ego “I.” Whenever you are aware that you are having a psychic insight, remember to focus on your third eye for a brief moment and give thanks to the Universe for the miracle of knowing. When the insights are very good and you receive praise for your work, you can say “thank you” graciously and tell the person praising you that you will pass the message on to the true provider of your psychic information. At the same time you can feel the peace and love of the Universe radiating through you. Use this feeling as an anchor to your Belief.

It’s Okay to Be Excited

It is okay to be excited over the discovery and development of your psychic gifts. It can be an amazing process. Every day can be a new adventure of learning and personal growth. However, don’t expect that everyone else will be as excited about your intuitive development as you are. As long as you are bringing positive Universal Energy of peace and love, each person you connect with will have the opportunity to benefit from your enthusiasm. Focus your excitement onto the incredible power of the Universe, and remember to keep yourself in balance with it.

One Step at a Time

However, it is very easy to become so wrapped up in your new psychic adventure that it becomes the center of your focus. For a period of time you may not think of anything else. It may be in your mind every waking moment, and you may dream about it at night. You may grow to resent any outside interference that keeps you from immersing yourself in your psychic development.

As you grow in your psychic ability, you may not think the way you did before you started. This is because your sense imagery has developed, and you are in a state of change. You may feel distanced from those whom you used to be close to.

It is important to be able to find a balance between your psychic development and the rest of your world. Regardless of the transformation you are going through, you still need to be aware of family relationships and your work and other commitments. It is very possible that you will grow spiritually and find yourself out of place with many of your old friends and things you used to do. You may not be able to explain your new knowledge to others, no matter how hard you try.

If you try to progress faster than you should, you will become out of tune with your purpose. You may open up to more psychic energy than you bargained for. Remember to make sure that your chakras are always in balance and that your energy flow is positive. After all, you are only a part of a grand universal scheme that will unfold in its own way.

Always Be a Student

Always continue to be a student of the Universe. There is so much more that you can learn as you follow your soul’s journey. Your teachers will appear when you are ready for the lesson. They may come at any time and from anywhere, while you are asleep, as an inner voice, or from someone you know or may have just met. Study, read, listen, and try out techniques to gain further knowledge. Here are some suggestions to help you find support in your psychic journey:

1. Find or start a metaphysical discussion group in your area.

2. Use the Internet to develop positive metaphysical contacts.

3. Take a course in psychic development at a school such as Atlantic University.

4. Find a friend with similar interests.

5. Ask your Belief to help you connect with the right resources for your psychic development.

You will find a list of Web sites listed in Appendix B; use them to get help in further developing your psychic abilities.

How Does It Fit?

Whenever you investigate new knowledge and skills that can enhance your abilities, it is good to always ask yourself how someone else’s philosophies or techniques fit you. How do their ideas compare with how you believe?

What is right for someone else may not be right for your psychic development. Remember that you are the one who intuitively knows whether or not a piece of information fits into your life map.

Your Greatest Reward

Our society teaches that you should always strive for personal gain and achievement. Many of the people who make this view their focus wind up at the end of their life journeys feeling a lack of a total fulfillment, regardless of their personal gains or the accumulation of wealth. On the way to reaching their personal goals, they have missed their soul’s potential growth. They let their free will make the choices that put them out of touch with their life map.

As you near the completion of this book, now is an excellent time to use your communication with your guidance systems to help assess where you are in your life journey. How do you feel about your soul’s journey? What can you do next to help stay on course?

It is very easy to feel inadequate and to develop low self-esteem when others flaunt their personal achievements in front of you. You may feel you have nothing to offer that will compare. You may have brought with you a past-life feeling that your personal gains are all that matters in life. You may be pushed by friends or family members to match the achievements of others whom you know. You may be open to ridicule and considered a failure if you do not meet their standards of success.

If you approach your life journey as a battlefield where the domineering force rules, you will always be in inner conflict. If you work with your guidance teams and believe that the result of your work will be in the best interests of all concerned, you will be opening your psychic abilities to help keep you in tune with your soul’s potential growth. Your life need not seem as if it were a battlefield but can be instead a great adventure into the unknown. Every day can bring with it the potentials for amazing revelations.

Proceed slowly! It is always very tempting to go as fast as you can once you have an idea of what your life potential might be. Remember that you are only one piece of the universal puzzle. If you are open to your assignments, you will go at the correct speed.
It takes courage to take the risk and trust in your Belief to go against the flow. It is okay to know what others around you may not. Once you understand that you have access to the secrets of the Universe, you can feel free to use this knowledge to help others if they choose to allow themselves to learn. Remember, you are only a piece of the Universe, and your job is to focus on your assignment. The Universe will take care of everything else.

When you give someone a gift, you usually pick out something that you feel will be good for that person. If the recipient rejects it, you will probably be disappointed. The reality is that once they own the gift, they can do with it whatever they want. When you offer intuitive wisdom to someone, remember that it is no different from a physical gift that they can accept or reject. It is their choice, not yours.

Let Your Psychic Journey Begin

It is time for you to begin the incredible journey that lies ahead of you. You now have the knowledge and the tools to help you become in tune with your life purpose. You may want to refer to certain sections of this book until you feel confident and grounded in your Belief System. Remember that you may adapt any of the views stated here to fit how you intuitively feel. It is the purpose and significance of your journey that is important, not the attempt to take an approach that does not feel right for you.

It is hoped that you now know that you have a life purpose and that your psychic ability is a major part of it. If you accept the opportunity that you are offered, you may never view the world in the same way again. It may become rich in meaning and mystery and full of constant discovery.

Your friends, family, and coworkers may see something in you that they did not notice before. You may find that complete strangers are drawn to have a conversation with you. Every day you may notice miracles that have always existed around you but that you failed to see before. Life has the potential of taking on a complete new and exciting adventure for you. There is no way that you can successfully explain the incredible feeling of being in tune with your life map.

Your guides, angels, or spirits and the Universe have sent it to you. Every reader has been sent one. Have you discovered yours yet? Only you can recognize it. It is something that can help you rediscover and develop your psychic abilities that are a part of your soul’s rich heritage. If you haven’t discovered it yet, don’t worry. It will be revealed to you when it is time for you to understand it if you so choose. Just be aware, go forward, and believe in your psychic gifts.

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