Swirling the tea grinds 3 times in the cup – you do this as your soul guides. It is equivalent to using cards and saying – cut them 3 times. Your answers will come – not matter what ritual you use. I have been doing this too long and know this to be true.

To look at tea leaves and interpret them by their shapes is like taking a Rorschach Inkblot Test. It is science not meta-science.

When I look at the patterns in the cup – they move for me – they dance – take shape – ‘speak’ to me.

Anyone can look at patterns and give them meaning on the third dimension level. The trick is to see beyond third dimension – and psych on the formations that are created.

Prediction Through Reading Tea Leaves

Predicting by using tea leaves was in the 19th century in Europe quite popular, but nowadays it is hardly practiced. Not, because the techniques were that difficult, but much more because almost everyone uses teabags in stead of just unpacked tea leaves. That causes, that no leaves are left in the cup after drinking. So if you feel drawn to this prediction method, the first thing to do is drinking tea the old-fashioned way. You need for each cup one teaspoon with tea and one extra for the teapot.Do not use a tea strainer. Do not be tempted to cut open a teabag the leaves inside are too small to give good reading. You can also use coffee grounds but use a courser grind.

I suggest the use of white cups, because it gives a better background for the dark leaves.

Each person in your tea session who wants to hear something about their personal future, should leave a little liquid behind in their cup. This is stirred to set the leaves floating in stead of lying quietly on the bottom of the cup. Immediately after that is done, the liquid part is carefully poured out. By doing this, the tea leaves stick behind on the inside and the bottom of the cup. Traditionally the teacup is held in the hands and turned anti clockwise three times before being turned upside down up to pour off the liquid and being read.

Then comes the moment for you to fix a strong and deep concentration on those tea leaves. Close your eyes halfway and give your powers of imagination and your subconcious free rein. Try to discover in these tea leaves a known picture, i.e. a book, an axe, trees, a hat, etc… The following step is the interpretation of that discovered picture. Do not force a meaning, take notes if you have to and meditate on the symbols that you have found. You often find that an interpretation that was difficult suddenly pops into your head when you are relaxed or daydreaming.

Read the cup in a clockwise direction beginning at the handle which represents the querant and are therefore the most important often describing your current frame of mind or dominant character traits and habits. Imminent events are found close to the rim.

THE RIM represents the immediate present and near future perhaps the next day or so.

THE MIDDLE represents a little further into the future perhaps a week to two weeks ahead.

THE BASE represents a time further into the future maybe weeks or even months ahead.

You can use for that the next explanations:

Anchor: A journey, at the end of that trip happiness.

Arrow: Luck in love affair(s).

Axe: (A pickax or a saw is also possible) Be warned to deal carefullywith your money and your emotions.

Balloon: (Also a non-army airplane): An unexpected promotion, going for the better or inheritance.

Bird: See: flag.

Book: Ask advice before going further going on in things your are (or are going to be) involved.

Bottle: Your social activities will increase.

Bow: There will come a meeting or a date that is important for your further life.

Butterfly: Your partner/spouse/lifemate takes your affair not as serious as is essential/ necessary in your view.

Chain: In a certain activities in your professions you should give more and better efforts.

Clock or watch: An important meeting will happen.

Crown: Promotion.

Cross: Big tough luck. If you can see a second picture in the leaves, than that can give more details on the area that is involved.

Dice: Avoid risks.

Doorbell: You may expect good news.

Envelope: Good news is coming.

Fish: You will get unbelievable news from far away.

Flag: Your level of prosperity will increase.

Foot: Expected good news will not come.

Gate or door: An unexpected change in your personal circumstances.

Hammer: You should make more efforts to give your best.

Harp or harpsichord: Prosperity and luck will become yours.

Hat: You have to go through some touch luck. Heart: You will get emotional excitement.

Key: You will get a better understanding about certain things that are unclear to you now.

Knife: You’ll get a quarrel or even a row.

Ladder (Household): Improvement.

Moon (Waxing): A little profit will become yours.

Ring: A lot of non-material luck/happiness.

Rocks: In short time you will get some problems. (Not very big).

Roof: At home with you something will change.

Scales: You should improve your dealing with weighting advantages and disadvantages. Things have more than one side.

Ship: A journey will bring luck and happiness.


  • (Two tea leaves straight between each other): Business in which you are involved will go well.
  • (Two tea leaves not straight between each other): Business in which you are involved will not turn out well.

Trees: Everything will bloom.

Dream and symbols interpretation will also help with your tealeaf reading interpretations. By training and experience you will become able to interpret more pictures as are described here.

The most important thing to remember about tealeaf reading is that you should never let what you see in the cup rule you. Anything that may concern you should be used as an oppurtunity to make necessary changes. Relax when you are doing your readings do not tell anything that may frighten or embarrass your querant and make the readings light hearted and fun.


Possible Interpretation of Grinds

ACORN – at the top means success and gain: At the bottom means good health.

AIRCRAFT – journey; if broken means danger of accident; can also mean a rise in position

ANCHOR – at top rest, stability, constancy; at bottom means clouded, inconstancy

APPLE – achievement

AXE – difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties

BABY – small worries

BAG – a trap; if open, escape

BALL – variable fortunes

BELL – unexpected news; good if near top

BIRDS – good news

BOAT – visit from a friend, protection

BOOK – if open it’s good news; if closed you need to investigate something

BUSH – new friend or opportunities

BUTTERFLY – fickleness

CABBAGE – jealousy; with dots means at work

CANDLE – help from others

CAP – trouble

CAT – deceit, a false friend

CHAIN – engagement, a wedding

CHAIR – a guest

CIGAR – a new friend

CIRCLE – success, completion; with dots means a baby

CLOCK – better health

CLOUDS – trouble; with dots means many problems

COIN – money coming

COMB – an enemy

CROSS – suffering, sacrifice

CUP – reward

DAGGER – danger from self or others; beware

DISH – trouble at home

DOG – good friend; if at bottom friend needs help

DOOR – odd event

DUCK – money coming

EGG – good omen

ELEPHANT – wisdom and strength

ENVELOPE – good news

EYE – caution

FACE – a change, may be a setback

FAN – flirtation

FEATHER – lack of concentration

FENCE – limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent

FINGER – emphasizes whatever sigh it points at

FIRE – at top achievement; at bottom danger of haste

FISH – good fortune

FLAG – danger

FLY – domestic annoyance

FORK – false flattery

FORKED LINE – decision

FRUIT – prosperity

GATE – opportunity, future success

GLASS – integrity

GLOW – a challenge

GOAT – be careful of enemies

GRAPES – happiness

GUN – anger

HAMMER – hard work needed

HAND – if open means friendship; if closed means an argument

HARP – love, harmony

HAT – improvement, especially in a new job

HAWK – jealousy

HEART – pleasure, love, trust

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