I would like to show how you can incorporate tarot cards into your spellwork.

The tarot uses symbolic pictures which are powerful and evoke strong sentiments. This is perfect for use in your spellwork as it can really connect with the intent which you are using. I personally find the Major arcana is best for this, however decks that use pictorial representations for their minor arcana can also be very helpful.

For centuries the tarot has been used in divination. They are handled by the querant and drawn at random and laid in spreads to help with the reading.

The tarot can also be used as a tool for meditation. By reflecting on the meanings of the card you can look inward and see how that card relates to yourself and situations surrounding you.

The art of creative magick , visualizing outcomes, goals and desires coming true all benefit from the use of tarot spells. Finding the card which you would like to have come true and then visualizing this happening.Symbolic actions, motions and gestures are also sometimes used in imitative magick , which is the dramatization of a desired result taking place.

You can also use other techniques for enhancing tarot spellwork like candle magick, sympathetic magick, herbs, crystals and talismans to help you focus more clearly on the desired outcome.

It is best to use a deck of tarot cards especially for tarot spells and keep it seperate from your divination deck. A divination uses a different part of the brain to work, whereas spells are a deliberate action divination links into the higher plains.

Card Meanings
Some cards have multiple meanings, so when choosing a card be clear on what it is you want it to do.

The symbolism of the card is important and these personal feelings work as good if not better than the given definitions of the cards. For example if you can’t get the fact that the death card means the ending of a situation and instead you feel it is life-endings that it represents, using it as a card to represent an end to a situation may make you feel you are wishing someone dead. If this is the case don’t use it. Make sure you connect with the card properly and then your intent will be clear.

How cards react to each other is also important, for example if you are wanting secrets to be revealed you may choose the hermit as wise council and discovery alongside one of the high priestess which represents secrets.

Laying out of the Cards
The typical and most affective way of laying out cards is the three card spread. Depending upon the situation, the cards can be used to designate…

  • Subject – Action necessary – Objective.
  • Past – Present – Future.
  • First event – second event – third event.
  • Initial action – Progress – Action.

Or you can make up your own layouts. You may choose to plan a week, therefore using a seven card spread. Or perhaps goals laid out over the year, thus incorporating a twelve card spread.

Another way to use your tarot cards is to choose a particular card that you would use as a focus for personal growth, a spiritual path or help to overcome any blocks or problems. For example if you felt you were too busy helping other people out that you had no time for yourself to recharge batteries, you may use the hermit as a focus. Or maybe the emperess if you wanted to become pregnant. There are many of these ways to use the tarot.

Tarot Spells
Here is an example of a tarot spell by Janina Renee but you can easily adapt or write your own. Some use other tools like candles, crystals or other tools, and tarot cards can be drawn into other spells to energise them and make the intent clear.

Like any spell, a circle should be cast at the beginning, the spell should be bound at the end and the circle removed. You can do this in your usual way

A spell to overcome addiction or bad habits.

  • 21 The World 20 Judgement
  • 8 Strength 14 Temperence

Use this as the layout.

You can use white candles to emphasize purification or green candles if health is what you wish to emphasize.

Start by laying down the temperence card, see the wings of the angel on the card as a protective shield around you, ready to give help and comfort and urging you without guilt or judgement to help you to quit the habit.

Next lay the strength card down. Picture yourself strong and independent, you withstand temptation and your body feels empowered now that its chains of addiction have been undone.

Lay down the judgement card concentrating on awakening to a new life of freedom.

Lay down the world. Visualize yourself filled with joy of life, dancing, singing and greeting each new day with enthusiasm. Understand that all the powers for success are found within you.

Visualize a life free from the habit, addiction or compulsion you are tied to feel free and strong, mentally and physically. The recite the following affirmation

With these cards and this spell, power is drawn and power surges through me.
By the power within me, I break the chains that bind me.
I break the bonds which tie my soul and spirit.
I restore my life to balance!
I am resilient!
I can withstand all that comes my way!
For strength is mine, and I grow stronger and ever yet stronger than before.
By all the powers that be, I overcome.

Creating your own tarot spells
First carefully decide your intent, then the stages necessary to acheive it. Choose the cards that closely resemble these goals. Decide how many stages you are going to need. You will need to write an affirmation, chant or charm to bring the spell to life. Collect all your tools, cards, any accessories you are going to use and anything else you need before casting the circle. Ground and centre as usual. After casting a circle begin your creative visualiazations and let the cards come to life as you work, enacting the stages needing to be acheived. State your affirmation in your power voice and build energy. Release your energies into the aether to do their work. Open the circle in the usual way eat something to ground your energies when you have finished.

Using the tarot in this way can be extremely interesting and helpful, I personally have had great results doing this and I hope you will too.

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