Study Spell


Note: This spell will only work if you actually study and TRY to do well. Do not expect the spell to get you good grades when you haven’t even tried to learn the material!

You will need:

  • Yellow household candle
  • Concentration Oil
  • Concentration Incense
    • You may substitute any of the following for the above:
      • Honeysuckle (pass tests)
      • Lilac (improve memory)
      • Orchid (improve memory & focus)
      • Hibiscus ( Wisdom & better concentration)

Carve your name or name of person you are aiding into the candle and anoint with oil. Light your incense & then your candle. While standing before your altar say:

Oh,Spirits of Wisdom, to you I pray
that throughout my (their) studies, my (or intendeds) mind will not stray
keep it receptive, open and clear for me (thee)
As is my will, so it shall be!

Repeat & let candle burn until you feel you request has been heard. Repeat this daily until the candle has burned out and repeat the above words when (they are) sitting down to study or test. When testing, beforehand, anoint your temples (or their clothing, book bag etc..) with your chosen oil.

Another option is to do the spell ,then leave the candle to continue burning as you (they) study until it burns out completely.



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