witches bottle
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Gather the following fresh herbs, they may be crushed or left whole:

  • Rue-protection, purification-Diana, Aradia, Fana, Faunus
  • Bay Leaves-protection, strength-Faunus
  • Rosemary-protection, healing
  • Pennyroyal- protection, peace, strength
  • Thyme-purification, healing
  • Fennel-protection, purification-Diana, Dianus
  • Marigold-protection, clairvoyance
  • Curry-protection
  • Rose-protection, healing
  • Apple-healing-Diana, Tana
  • Violet-protection, healing
  • Sage-protection, wisdom
  • Basil-protection
  • Woodruff-protection, victory, prosperity
  • Vervain-protection, peace, purifcation-Aradia
  • Acacia-protection-Diana
  • Hyssop-protection,purification
  • Cumin-protection
  • Coriander-health
  • Wormwood- protection, call spirits-Diana
  • Myrrh-protection, spirituality

Place a small amount of each herb into a green glass jar with a cork. You may add a special stone if desired. Ask the Goddess and Gods for their attention and blessing. Use whatever words or actions are appropriate for you. Shake well and set in your kitchen window (or in a window of any room where you have a lot of traffic).

This specific Strega Jar is designed for protection of you and your home. From time to time, shake the jar and smell the aroma on the cork to remind you that you are protected.