One of the elders once told me “explaining stone sensitivity in writing is like trying to explain color to a blind man”. Unfortunately that is true, so what I will teach you is an exercise so you can learn it on your own. I’ll do my best to explain as much as I can.

Before you begin, you will need around a half dozen stones of different varieties, and preferably tumble polished. If you have access to more, that’s all the better. It helps if the stones are at least the size of a quarter. If you have a friend in the craft perhaps they can bring some stones and help you with the exercise. Two stones that I suggest are rose quartz and carnelian.

Okay, listen up. This class is not about stones, they are just toys in the material world. This class is about learning to sense energy… magickal life energy. This is important because you need to know how to sense energy before you can learn to move it, and moving it is vital to doing magick.

Okay, our first topic is your hands. Generally speaking most people have one hand which is more receptive to energy than the other. It’s kind of like being left-handed or right-handed. Very few people have equal abilities with both hands, but it does happen occasionally. What we’re solely concerned with in this course is you figuring out which hand is more receptive of energy, and what energy feels like. Even if you think you already know which it is, try it anyway. You may be surprised.

Sit in a chair within reach of a table. Put the stones together in a pile where you can reach them easily. When you are in a relaxed comfortable state hold a stone in the palm of your left hand with fingers closed around it. Don’t squeeze it, just relax. Some people prefer to close their eyes to block out distractions. If the stone is an energy stone within 30 seconds, often much sooner, you will sense a mild tingling sensation in your hand and/or forearm. You don’t have to think about the stone being there. Don’t try to probe or analyze anything. Just relax and wait for the sensation. After the thirty seconds, repeat the above but this time with the stone in your right hand.

There are four possible outcomes:

1. You sensed the tingling more in your left hand.

2. You sensed the tingling more in your right hand.

3. You sensed the tingling about equal in both hands.

4. You didn’t sense any tingling at all.

Here is the analysis of each.

1. Your left hand is more receptive.

2. Your right hand is more receptive.

3. Both hands are equally receptive (rare)

4. The stone is probably not an energy stone.

Set the stone aside and get another stone from the pile and repeat the process until you have gone through all of the stones in the pile. By the time you get done you should have a pretty good idea which of your hands is more receptive and what the sensation of an energy stone feels like. You can confirm this by going through the stones again, this time only in your receptive hand. As you set the stones aside, divide them into two piles (weak and strong) based on how much sensation they produce.

Okay, what have you learned so far? You know which of your hands is more receptive. Not only will this hand be used in sensing energy, it will also be your “draw energy” hand. Your other hand is your projective hand. You will use it to direct energy.

In the last section you created a pile of strong stones. For this exercise you will need a stone from that pile, preferably the one which you felt the most energy from.

Find a comfortable spot and relax. Hold the stone in your receptive hand and let the sensation tingle your hand/forearm. Close your eyes if you wish. This serves as the baseline for this test.

What I’m going to show you next is how to push energy from yourself into this stone. You will be increasing the amount of charge in it, and hence the amount of energy you sense from it. Move the stone to your projective hand, get comfortable, relax and close your eyes. Visualize a stream of bright sparkly light, either white or yellow starting from your heart (yes, inside of you) and streaming down your arm toward your projective hand. See the energy streaming through your hand and into the stone. As you see this energy flowing you may feel a warmth in your arm as it conducts the energy toward its destination. Keep this up for around a minute. It takes a lot of focus to push a charge for that long, so be firm in your will. See the energy flowing, and will it to flow to the stone.

After the minute, open your eyes and drop the stone into your receptive hand and relax. The energy sensation from the stone should be significantly increased. You may notice the stone’s energy has a different feel. Can you guess why? Its your energy that you are sensing from the stone.

You just took a BIG step into the world of magick!

One word of caution. You are using your personal energy to charge the stone. Too much practicing and you will run yourself down. Take it easy. A cool way to test your progress is with a friend who is also of the craft. Have them sense a stone, then give it to you to charge. After you charge it give it back and see how much of a charge you put into it. Keep in mind that trying to charge a receptive stone* is like trying to overflow the ocean with a squirt gun. At this point, stick to charging energy stones (projective stones).

*NOTE: Yes receptive stones can be charged if they have been magickally altered, but that’s way beyond this lesson.

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