ight. He also has to do the required work and study the subject.

Once he’s identified the problem and pinpointed his desire, he should decide on the color of the bag. Encourage your child to use his intuition in selecting a color. Then let him choose three objects that symbolize his concern and the outcome he intends to achieve. For help in math, one object might be a string of numbers or a geometric shape. He could include one item that represents the teacher: his or her name written on a piece of paper, the room number of the class, even a picture of the teacher. The third object should describe the end result, such as an A on a test.

Have fun creating the charm bag. The spirit with which the bag is made becomes part of its magic.

Tarot for Kids

With thousands of tarot decks in existence, everyone can find a deck that’s right for them. Choosing a deck is a personal matter; none is better than another. Kids are often drawn to tarot decks illustrated with mythological creatures, such as dragons, unicorns, elves and faeries, or those that include animals.

Children usually enjoy the tarot’s colorful imagery. They may not be able to comprehend all the occult meanings, but they respond quickly to the symbolism. The immediate impressions a child gets when gazing at a card can be amazingly accurate. Storytelling decks, which depict scenarios that describe the cards’ meanings, are easier to use than the antique decks that feature only numbers and suit symbols on the pip cards.

Some designers have created tarot decks specifically with young people in mind. These decks feature contemporary themes such as action adventure heroes, Goth goddesses, and cat people. Other decks are based on favorite legends and fairytales. There’s even a Gummy Bear Tarot!

Many magic spells involve the use of tarot cards. Choosing cards to represent intentions can help young people relate to the meanings of the individual cards. Your child might also like to draw a card each morning to see what the day has in store for him. This practice helps hone the child’s divination skills and lets him observe his inner guidance at work.

Your Power Object

Tools: A favourite object

When: Any time

When Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was a child, he found a smooth stone that he kept in a matchbox. He confided in the stone. He told the stone his deepest secrets. He carried it around with him. Years later, in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung movingly described his experiences with this stone, the magic that he associated with it, and the power with which he imbued it.

A stone, piece of wood, or figurine doesn’t possess inherent power: It is powerful only because you make it so. Its magic originates in you, with your intent and your passion. Your power object is a symbol of your own personal power and your magical intentions.

Choose an object that appeals to you. The object should be three-dimensional — a stone, for instance, rather than a picture of a stone — and it should have some sort of personal meaning. It should also be small enough to carry easily in a pocket, purse, or backpack. If you love horses and dream of owning one, a figurine of a horse could be an ideal power object. Crystals, stones, and shells make excellent power objects. So do figures of angels, unicorns, dolphins, and mythical gods and goddesses.

After you’ve selected an object, wash it with mild soap and water, and then set it in the sun to clear and charge it. Give it a name. Sleep with it under your pillow overnight. In the morning, speak to the object and tell it what you want it to do. It’s now imbued with power and will help you in performing magic spells.

The Magic Box


  • A box with a lid
  • Slips of paper
  • Color pens or markers
  • Magazine pictures, colored paper, stickers, other decorations
  • Glue

When: During the waxing moon

Everyone in the family can participate in this spell. You’ll need a shoebox or a similar container that’s small enough to fit on a shelf but large enough to accommodate lots of wishes. Decorate the box however you like, using positive images that appeal to you. Write words on it. Draw pictures. The point is to personalize the box. On the top, write the words: The Magic Box.

Do you have a private wish that you don’t want to share with anyone else? Create your own, personal magic box and keep it in a secret place. Write your wishes on slips of paper and date them, then put them in your box. Periodically, go through your magic box and remove wishes that have come true or that are no longer priorities for you.

Put the box in place where everyone in the family has access to it and can see it when they enter the house. When the box is completely decorated, ask each member of the family to write one wish on a slip of paper and read it aloud to the others. Place the wishes in the box.

Sharing your wishes with each other galvanizes the family’s collective energy. This builds momentum and attracts what you want more quickly. As each wish comes true, remove it from the box. Then make another wish and slip it into the box.

Designate someone in the family to keep a master record of each wish, the date it was put into the box, and the date it materialized. This gives you a clear idea of how long it takes to manifest what you want. Remember, you have to be willing to back up your intentions with effort in the real world if you want them to come true.

Dream Magic

Before you go to sleep at night, say your wish aloud three times. If you like, you can write your wish on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow. Ask to have a dream that offers insights or guidance about how you can make your wish come true. Make a suggestion to yourself that you will remember the dream and understand its meaning.

You may have to repeat this several nights in a row, but eventually you’ll have a dream that guides you toward fulfilling your objective. Pay attention to details. Who was in it? What was going on? What time of the year was it? What were you wearing? These details often hold clues about when the wish will come true and in what form it will appear.

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