Spell To Call New, True Friends into Your Life

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To call new, true friends into your life, instead of trying to change yourself in order to become accepted by people you already know.

Make a bracelet out of pink, white and blue string or ribbon whilst concentrating on the qualities you want your new friend to have. Tie it around your wrist.

Hold a piece of rose quartz (or any other pink or white gem or garden stone) upon your heart and chant 3 times:

“Through eyes of others, I wish to be, respected for the real me.
I love myself for who I am, and wish for friends who also can.
With a conformist I’ll waste no time, those who want me to change are no friends of mine.
I will live, to myself true, I will not change just to suit you.

I will not live a life of lies, your friendship I refuse to buy.
I know I deserve a true friend, one that’ll be there to the end.
So I’ll stand strong, head up high, I’ll let my spirit loose to fly.
I’ll let my true colours show, and if you don’t like it, you can go.

I’ll be myself, day in, day out, in my abilities, I’ll have no doubts.
Loving magick, the universe lends, to help me find a caring friend!
With harm to none this spell be done
So mote it be! The spell is done!

Carry the stone around until the spell has manifested, then cleanse it.

Just something to think about – having two or three true friends makes you a lot happier than being popular and having many friends who’ll leave you as soon as you do something they don’t like 🙂



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