This spell needs to be cast with the purest intent and with an emphasis on what is right for your friend. Sometimes we have horrible experiences so we can learn a lesson, such as how to protect, love, and honor life and ourselves. Sometimes we need to visit the edge before we can see how far down it is to fall. This spell, which will be more like a ritual prayer, can be cast for anyone who is using drugs or alcohol, is running with the wrong crowd, has bulimia or anorexia, cuts him or herself, is being hurt by another, or who has other needs.

The first thing for you to realize is that your friend is the only one who can raise herself or himself out of the pain. Your job is to be supportive and unconditionally loving. Your friend is hurting, and sometimes a person’s way of dealing with pain will be to lash out or even clam up; most of these actions are survival skills he or she has learned to cope and have nothing to do with you. As a friend, you are not required to sit by and be their punching bag, and do not take it personally. Before doing this spell, be sure to ask your friend’s permission to make him or her a healing pouch, as magick is never performed for someone without their knowledge or permission.

Write down your friend’s name on a piece of paper. Write down every wonderful quality about your friend, especially those present when she or he is well. Fold the paper and place it in a green cloth. Add a piece of amethyst to your pouch. Lastly, place eucalyptus leaves or oil in the pouch. As you bind the pouch with a silver or green ribbon, say:

Guardians, protect _______ (friend’s name).
Right action takes place.
Help ________ (friend’s name) out of this space.
Show her/him the love around
By Divine will from sky to ground.

Give the healing pouch to your friend.


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    very good website for spells

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    so glad you are enjoying Luna’s Grimoire and finding articles that interest you! Spread the word! Love and Light!

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